How to Fix DaVinci Resolve ‘Media Offline’ Error [3 Protential Solutions]

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Explore the meaning and causes of ‘Media Offline’ in DaVinci Resolve, and troubleshoot this issue quickly with 3 effective solutions. These methods have been tested on DaVinci Resolve versions 18.1 and 17.4.5.

How to Fix Media Offline in DaVinci Resolve
How to Fix Media Offline in DaVinci Resolve

3 Solutions to Solve DaVinci Resolve Media Offline Issue

DaVinci Resolve, one of the top-tier video editing tools, has its share of challenges despite its excellence. If you’ve worked with it, you’ll know it isn’t without flaws.

In a previous post, we talked about the common lag issue experienced by users. In today’s guide, we’re tackling another prevalent problem – the ‘Media Offline’ error frame. While this error might seem perplexing, it can be resolved easily with some methods we’re about to share. So, without further delay, let’s dive into what the ‘Media Offline’ error means, what might cause it, and the potential solutions to fix it in DaVinci Resolve.

Please note: The screenshots use the most stable release of DaVinci Resolve, version 17.4.6. However, these solutions should also work for earlier versions, including 16, and the latest version 18.

What Does ‘Media Offline’ Mean in DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is undoubtedly an excellent video editing application for Windows and Mac. In our earlier DaVinci Resolve 17 Review, we awarded it as the best free pro-level video editor. However, it does have flaws in certain cases, and the media offline issue is one of them.

The Media Offline error, presented in the form of frames with warning signs saying ‘Media Offline’, is an error alert suggesting that DaVinci Resolve is unable to locate your assets or read your footage successfully.

The causes of the issue vary, and so are the solutions. In the following, you’ll learn the easy and effective methods to get rid of the error frames in DaVinci Resolve and relink to your media, and make sure Resolve reads your clips correctly in the future,

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Media Offline in DaVinci Resolve

Media Offline in DaVinci Resolve

What Causes the ‘Media Offline’ Error in DaVinci Resolve?

The ‘Media Offline’ error in DaVinci Resolve typically occurs when the software is unable to locate or access the media files that are used in your project. This can happen for several reasons:

Cause 1. File Path Changes

If the media files have been moved, renamed, or deleted after being imported into the project, DaVinci Resolve will not be able to find them, resulting in the ‘Media Offline’ error. To resolve this, you need to locate the missing files and re-link them in the software.

Cause 2. External Hard Drive or Network Disconnection

If your media files are stored on an external hard drive or a network location, and that location becomes disconnected or unavailable, DaVinci Resolve will not be able to access the files. You should make sure your external storage devices are properly connected and available.

Cause 3. File Compatibility Issues

If a media file is in a format that DaVinci Resolve can’t recognize or handle, it might show the ‘Media Offline’ error. This includes issues with the H.265 (HEVC) codec, particularly if you’re using a Windows system that doesn’t natively support HEVC files (This causes Media Offline error frame but audio plays).

DaVinci Resolve Meida Offline But Audio Plays

DaVinci Resolve Meida Offline But Audio Plays

If you’re dealing with H.265 (HEVC) files and using a Windows system, consider installing the HEVC Video Extensions from the Microsoft Store, or convert your files to a more widely supported format like MP4.

Cause 4. Corrupted Files

If a media file has become corrupted, DaVinci Resolve may not be able to read it, resulting in the ‘Media Offline’ error. If a file has become corrupted, you’ll need to try to repair it or replace it with a non-corrupted version.

Cause 5. Permissions Issues

If DaVinci Resolve does not have the necessary permissions to access the media files, it might not be able to open and use them. You should ensure that DaVinci Resolve has the necessary permissions to access and use the media files.

Remember, it’s always wise to back up your original files before attempting any format conversion, file repair operations, or major changes in your system.

How to Fix DaVinci Resolve ‘Media Offline’ Error

Below are solutions to the DaVinci Resolve media offline issue. The solutions have been thoroughly tested and they work for the latest DaVinci Resolve 18.1 and the previous DaVinci Resolve 17.4.5. Try these methods to see if they work for your case.

Solution 1. Reload Footage in the Media Pool

Sometimes DaVinci Resolve may fail to read your footage, and it’s neither the problem of your Resolve nor your footage. A quick and simple fix to try is reloading your footage in the media pool, and see if it loads up correctly this time.

To do so,

  1. Go to Media Pool
  2. Select the clip with media offline issues, and right-click on it
  3. From the drop-down, hit ‘Relink Selected Clips’
  4. From the pop-up dialog box, locate the source of the media file from your folder
  5. Lastly, click OK to reload the footage
DaVinci Resolve Relink Footage

DaVinci Resolve Relink Footage

Solution 2. Check Media File Path

The altering or the missing of the media file path brings about media offline frame as well. Check to make sure the drive with footage is fully plugged in, and is not mapped to the wrong drive letter. Redefine the direction which points directly to the footage, and relink DaVinci Resolve to your media files.

You can check the current media file path by hitting the media and going to the metadata tab to the right.

To change the source location:

  1. Find the media file that has a media offline issue in DaVinci Resolve on your computer with File Explorer.
  2. From the File Explorer on your computer, click on the empty place on the address bar to highlight and select the current location of your media file. Then press Ctrl + A to copy the address.
  3. Right-click the footage with Media offline issue, and hit the Change Source Folder option.
  4. Reload the footage in Resolve, and it should be displayed correctly now.
DaVinci Resolve Change Source Folder

DaVinci Resolve Change Source Folder

Solution 3. Clear Storage Hard Drive

The media offline issue in DaVinci Resolve may also be the result of overwhelming storage hard drive, leading to DaVinci Resolve laggy performance and bugs.

Clear the storage of the hard drive that your Resolve is running on, or upgrade your build to a much more robust one. And then the media offline issue will be smoothly fixed.

Useful Tips to Prevent Media Offline from Happening in the Future

  1. Make sure there’s plenty of storage space left on the hard drive your DaVinci Resolve’s running on.
  2. Make the ‘Path’ column in the Media Pool active if it isn’t already.
  3. The media location (which you can check in the media metadata section) should point directly to the local file on your computer’s storage.
DaVinci Resolve Media Location

DaVinci Resolve Media Location

DaVinci Resolve Media Offline: FAQs

Why is DaVinci Resolve Media Offline Relink not Working?

DaVinci Resolve media offline relink not working is the result of an overwhelmed drive storage. Follow the steps Solution 3 in this post to clear your hard drive storage, and the issue should be resolved.

How to Solve Davinci Resolve Media Offline for iPhone Videos?

If you imported iPhone videos to DaVinci Resolve and find the media offline error frames, the solution is to install an HEVC codec to fix the codec compatibility issue. If you’re on Windows, here you can install HEVC Codec from Microsoft Store.

Why Davinci Resolve Has Media Offline Flashing?

Media offline flashing in DaVinci Resolve suggests footage reading/linking error. You can find three reliable solutions in the post: reloading footage, checking file path, and clearing storage.

How to Solve DaVinci Resolve 17 MXF Media Offline Issue?

If your MXF files (.mfx) have a media offline issue after importing to DaVinci Resolve, the solution is to install the latest version of Apple Pro Video Formats 2.2.3 and relink DaVinci Resolve to the MXF footage.

To Sum Up

That’ll be all about the easy and effective solutions to the DaVinci Resolve media offline issue. The three solutions apply to different cases, and if you have no idea what’s the cause of your media offline issue, the smart move is to give them all a try.

After all, instead of offering dozens of ‘possible’ solutions, we managed to tamp down to only 3 solutions which won’t be a difficult job to try. And if you still have problems or have better ideas on that matter, please leave a message in the comment section below.

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