How to Make Video into Ringtone on PC and Mobile: Using 3 Free and Easy Methods

Learn from the detailed instructions on how to make videos from your media collection to use your favored soundtracks as your mobile phone ringtones. 3 free and easy methods are provided.

Thursday October 27, 2022 5:30 PM PDT by Karen Greene
How to Make Video into Ringtone

How to Make Video into Ringtone

Many movies, TV shows, and well-orchestrated internet videos have amazing background music, yet we constantly overlook the fact that using music from videos as a ringtone is such a brilliant idea. Aside from ruling out the possibility of experiencing the awkwardness of hearing a familiar ringtone from a stranger’s phone, think about how great it would be when your friends and folks hear awesome beats when a call comes in.

It seems a tricky job, changing videos into ringtones. It does take specific tools and skills, but I can assure you that it’s not hard. In the following content, I’ll show you the 3 best video-to-ringtone makers for PC, Android, and iOS and how to make videos into ringtones easily with them.

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How to Make Video to Ringtone on Windows Using FilmForth

The most recommended method here is using a free video song extractor for PC to convert your video collection to an audio file that is compatible with mobile phones, typically MP3 (for Android and iOS) and AAC (for iOS).

The recommended tool is FilmForth, a lossless video music extractor that extracts ringtones from videos without quality loss. It’s also packed with audio editing features such as music trimming for you to cut a part of your music to use as a ringtone, and fade in/fade out effects for the audio track.

FilmForth is a free and safe application from the Microsoft store, so you can easily get it on your Windows 10/11 computer using the download button below.

microsoft download

Step 1. Launch the Ringtone Extractor

Download and install FilmForth using the given download button above, and launch FilmForth once it’s fully installed.

Go to FilmForth Extract MP3 Tool

Go to FilmForth Extract MP3 Tool

Step 2. Import Video into Ringtone Extractor

From FilmForth’s main interface, hit the Extract MP3 option from the Quick Tools section on the left side. Hit the Select a Video File button to import the video that has the ringtone you need.

Import Video with Ringtone Your Need

Import Video with Ringtone Your Need

Step 3. Make Video into Ringtone by Extracting

Define the Output File Name and Output File Location of your extracted ringtone, and click Save. FilmForth supports the .mp3 ringtone format that is compatible with Android phones and iPhones. If needed, you can further trim the audio file.

Since you’ll get an audio file on your PC’s local storage, now follow the steps below to transfer the extracted music from your PC to your mobile phone.

Customize the Extracting MP3 Manner

Customize the Extracting MP3 Manner

Step 4. Transfer Ringtone from PC to Mobile

Since we’re getting the output music files on a computer, the next step is transferring the ringtone from your PC to your Android or iOS mobile phone. The handiest method is using cloud storage like Google Drive.

Navigate to Google Drive on your computer, log in and go to New > File Upload, and upload the extracted audio file.

Install and launch the Google Drive app on your mobile phone, log in and you can find and download the uploaded ringtone file from File Upload.

After downloading the audio file to your mobile’s storage, you’ll be able to find the transferred Ringtone on your Android phone or iPhone using the File Manager app, and set it as your mobile phone’s ringtone!

Transfer Ringtone to Mobile Phone with Google Drive

Transfer Ringtone to Mobile Phone with Google Drive

How to Make Video into Ringtone on iPhone Using Ringtone Maker App

Since the iOS operating system is particularly strict with app installation and file transfer, the methods of making ringtones on iPhone and iPad are subject highly to apps from the App Store.

While using Garageband on iPhones and iPads is another doable way, the process of using the ringtone maker app is simpler.

There are many ringtone-maker apps available from the Apple App Store, we’ve tested some of the highly-rated ones and come down to one optimal application: Ringtones Maker – the ring app developed by Sujuan Chen.

In the following tutorial, you’ll find out how to make video into ringtone on iPhone and iPad, using the Ringtones Maker app.

Import Video to Ringtones Maker App

Import Video to Ringtones Maker App

Step 1. Download and install Ringtones Maker app from the Apple app store.

Step 2. Launch the Ringtones Maker app on your iPhone.

Step 3. Hit the plus icon in the middle and you’ll be asked to import music from video, PC, music, or ringtone sharing. Here choose a video to create a ringtone from a video.

Make Video into Ringtone in Ringtones Maker

Make Video into Ringtone in Ringtones Maker

Step 4. From My Ringtone screen, hit the Share button

Step 5. From the popup share window, hit Save to Files.

Step 6. Choose an output file folder and hit Add to save the ringtone to the selected folder. That’s the location where you can later access and set the audio as a ringtone from!

How to Make Video into Ringtone Online Using Clideo

Another commonly used method is using an online ringtone maker like Clideo. Online ringtone makers are web-based applications that help make videos into ringtones online, in a web browser.

Clideo is an online video editor that offers a practical video ringtone maker for you to use on PC, Android phones, and iPhones.

Online ringtone makers work on the condition that your device is connected to a stable internet, otherwise, issues occur during the process of uploading and downloading videos and ringtones.

The following tutorial shows you the simple steps to convert video into ringtone using Clideo.

Make Video into Ringtone in Clideo

Make Video into Ringtone in Clideo

Step 1. Navigate to Clideo Audio Cutter tool using a web browser application on your computer, Android phone, or iPhone.

Step 2. Hit the Choose file button in the middle to upload the video you intend to make a ringtone with to Clideo.

Step 3. Wait patiently for the uploading process

Step 4. Adjust the cutting rectangle to get the part of the audio you want to keep

Step 5. Choose the output ringtone format from the lower-left side. Given options include MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, M4A, etc.

Step 6. Apply fade-in and fade-out effects if needed.

Step 6. Hit the Export button from the lower-right corner to download the ringtone to your device!

Frequently Asked Questions on Making Videos into Ringtones

How to make a YouTube video into a ringtone for iPhone without iTunes?

To make a YouTube video into a ringtone on iPhone without using iTunes, the best way is to use the inbuilt recording feature on your iPhone to record the YouTube video with audio, and use Clideo or Ringtones Maker app to create a ringtone with the YouTube video recording.

How to make a ringtone for iPhone with GarageBand?

To make a ringtone on iPhone and iPad using the GarageBand app, you need to first create a Ringtone on your iPhone or iPad using a ringtone maker app. Then share it to iCloud Drive, open it in GarageBand on your device, and export the song as a ringtone from GarageBand.

How to Convert Video to M4R iPhone Ringtones?

To convert video to iPhone Ringtone format M4R, you need a video ringtone maker that supports M4R as the output file format, the introduced online video ringtone maker Clideo and ringtone maker app Ringtones Maker are the preferable options.


These 3 given video-to-ringtone converters are for users on different devices to successfully get the desired ringtone out of videos with ease. Whether your video collection is on PC, Mac, and mobile, I believe now you have a clue on how to change your videos into ringtones on your Android or iOS mobile phone.

Now it’s time we followed the tutorials and get started!


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