How to Easily Add Text to YouTube Video in 2023: Before or After Uploading

This article shows you two easy methods to add text to a YouTube video before or after uploading.

Thursday February 16, 2023 5:22 PM PDT by Karen Greene
How to Add Text to YouTube Video

How to Add Text to YouTube Video

We all have spent a considerable amount of time on YouTube. Videos are in different languages, dialects, and accents. What you want to convey as a creator may get blurred and the message may not get to the audience. Catering to a larger audience is always the goal and helps your brand, channel top the trending page charts.

Attaching text to YouTube videos can help deliver the right emotions and narrative across the table. Add either subtitle for every word said in the video. Or, bullet points relevant to the visuals can complete a video. And now, the question is, how will you add text to a YouTube video? There are two ways to do precisely that- before and after uploading. Now please read on to learn more.

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How to Add Text to YouTube Video Before Uploading

The first involves doing it beforehand while editing the video. You do that using your friendly neighborhood editor, such as FilmForth.Windows Movie maker was synonymous with quick editing without spending a dime. That cannot be the case now, ever since the veteran editor was discontinued.

FilmForth is here to take the baton forward with many more premium features. There is no mandatory watermark of the editor on your video, which is a norm with free editors. Besides, you can choose different text effects to beautify your video. And with FilmForth, you can add cool pop-up text to YouTube videos.

The following is the video tutorial about how to add text to your YouTube video with FilmForth. Watch and learn now.

From the video above, we can see the steps for adding text for YouTube videos are easy.

Step 1. Download FilmForth from the Microsoft store, install and launch it.

Step 2. Create a new project using the New Project button. Import the video which you want to upload to YouTube via Add Video/Photo Clips.

Create New Project With FilmForth

Create New Project With FilmForth

Step 3. Look in the video timeline and find the text menu shortcut. Click on it and you will land up in the text menu. Another way to reach the menu is from the project’s home screen.

Text Menu Shortcut

Text Menu Shortcut

Step 4. Click on the Add Text button and a text box will appear in the preview player. After that, click on the Edit Text button to access the editor.

Add Text

Add Text

Step 5. Inside the text editor, we have a plethora of options:

Text Menu Overview

Text Menu Overview

  • Text Box – As denoted by A, this is where you enter the text that will appear on the video.
  • Drop Shadow -It adds a shadow like an effect behind the text, denoted by B. It helps add depth and definition to the alphabet.
  • Stroke – Add borders to the text, denoted by C. It can be of any color of your choice. The thickness can vary between 1 to 100 points.
  • Background – Sometimes, in different backgrounds, the text may not be visible in its glory. Add a solid background behind the text with the color of your choice.

Hold the door because that’s not all. The generic text over the video may not entice you. Add a little bit of magic through the Animation menu.

Text Animation Menu

Text Animation Menu

  • Entrance: The entrance section all about texts to appear on the screen and stay there. You get 20 different entrance animations in the kitty.
  • Exit: And when you want the text to appear on the screen for a brief appearance and then vanish with an animation, the Exit section will help you.
  • Emphasis: Bring attention to your text through the Emphasis section. We get animations such as 3D flip to glitch.

You Must Know – The duration of the animations can be altered between 0.2 to 3 seconds.

Step 6. Once you have added text for different parts of the videos, it’s time to wrap up. Export the video by clicking on the Save Video button, which is present in the right bottom corner of virtually all the sections of the editor.

How to Add Text to YouTube Video After Uploading

The other way is after uploading via the YouTube video editor. You can do that anytime, and the text will appear as the captions below the video. Now keep in mind that the viewer must turn on the caption video to see the text.

When the large video file has already been uploaded, and you don’t want to go through the painstaking process again, then the YouTube studio editor comes to the rescue, which is an online video editor for uploaded YouTube videos. Add text to a YouTube video after uploading it using the YouTube editor. All you need is to confirm the subtitles language and start adding the text right away.

Step 1. Make sure that you are logged into YouTube and then head straight to the YouTube Studio.

Step 2. Head to the content section and hover over the video. Click on the pen icon that says details. It will take you to the relevant corridor for adding text.

YouTube Content Section

YouTube Content Section

Step 3. Look to the bottom-right corner and click on the subtitles button. A popup subtitles window will appear on the screen



Step 4. Here, you can add subtitles in three ways:

Subtitles Adding Menu

Subtitles Adding Menu

  • Upload a file: Add a subtitle file, and the text will be added with the proper timestamps. All major subtitle formats are supported.
  • Auto Sync: Type or paste your entire manuscript. It will attempt to sync using AI.
  • Type Manually: This takes a lot of hard work. Manually type in the text for each series of timestamps.

Step 5. Click on the Done button when finished. The text will be saved and appear on the video.

How to Add Text to YouTube Video: FAQs

How to add pop-up text in a YouTube video?

The pop-up text is actually a kind of video effect unsupported in YouTube video editor, meaning you need a third-party video editing application to do the job. You can use FilmForth to add pop-up text to the video before uploading, and you can find the pop-up effect in the text effects.

How to add text in the YouTube editor?

To add text to a video on the YouTube editor, you should first Sign in to ‘YouTube Studio’, go to video interface and select video, go to Subtitles > Select language > Add > Create a New Subtitle or CC, and then Tab ‘+’ to add text to YouTube video.

How to add text to YouTube videos online?

There are two ways to add text to YouTube video online. One is using the online YouTube Studio Editor, and another is using an online video editing application such as Veed to edit your YouTube video before uploading.

The Best 3 Tips for Adding Text to YouTube Video

  • If you are adding text before uploading, make sure to choose the right font and color. It should be prominent and readable by the targeted demographics.
  • Make sure the duration of the text is ample for viewers to read it. Too short and they will miss it. Anything over the board and it will feel out of sync.
  • Create a subtitle file for adding text to uploaded YouTube videos. It will not only save time but ensure accurate delivery in scenes.


You can also add text while publishing the video, but that is a hectic task. Take your sweet time with FilmForth and add text/subtitles at your leisure. YouTube editor allows you to make several changes to the text at any given point in time. However, that doesn’t take away the plethora of text features offered by Filmforth.

Go with the video editor when you want to go all the way on your text. YouTube editor is the last-minute refuge for adding low-priority text for nudging the viewers in the right direction.


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