How to Change Background on YouTube Channel on Phone

This post shares the detailed steps to change YouTube channel background images on phones.

Monday October 25, 2021 2:28 PM PDT by Karen Greene

If you are a content creator, you should need to be on top of your game. YouTube has become increasingly competitive, with creators going the extra mile to polish their content.

The pursuit of viewer attention, engagement, and growing the channel never seems to stop. Well, it’s also a way to make your channel stand out by changing your YouTube channel’s background picture. Also known as the channel cover picture among many. So do you know how to change background on YouTube channel? Is it possible to directly change background on YouTube channel on the YouTube app?

Let’s take it to step by step, starting with changing the background of your YouTube channel.

Detailed operation steps you can also refer to this video.

Step 1. Open YouTube App on Phone

Open YouTube App on Phone

Open YouTube App on Phone

Step 2. Tap Your Profile Picture

Now you need to tap your profile picture at the up-right corner. And then choose the Your Channel which is located under the Add account.

Tap Your Profile Picture and Choose Your Channel

Tap Your Profile Picture and Choose Your Channel

Step 3. Upload Photos to Change YouTube Background

Now you will see there are 2 options. Click the EDIT CHANNEL button and you will enter the Channel Settings where supports editing your YouTube name, adding a description for the channel, changing the YouTube background picture, etc.

You should click on the camera picture which is under the three vertical dots. At the bottom of the page, you will see 2 options listed. Now you can choose to take a photo or choose from your photos to upload a new background image.

Choose Picture to Change YouTube Background

Upload Photos to Change YouTube Background

Step 4. Save the Photo

Well, if you choose from your Photos, then all the pictures you own on your device will be listed here. Select one and you can see there are 3 boxes located on the photo. Take into account that only specific dimensions will be visible in the background picture. The prompt will guide you on ways to maximize visibility on different devices.

Finally, click the Save button to complete the change of your YouTube background.

Tap on Save to Change YouTube Background

Tap on Save to Change YouTube Background

Once you have changed your YouTube background banner successfully, you could go back to your YouTube app on the phone. Pull to refresh the app and then you will see the new background banner.


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