How to Capture Firefox Screen on Windows and Mac

This post demonstrates how to record a Firefox screen with the screen recorder extension and offline screen recorder software, allowing you to choose the best screen recorder for your needs.

Friday April 15, 2022 3:24 PM PDT by Karen Greene

As a fast and secure browser, Firefox also has a large audience. We want to capture some of the best moments in our browser while surfing the Web using Firefox. Using a screen logger to record these moments seems like the best solution at this point.

So this post shows you how to use offline screen capture software and screen recorder extensions to record your Firefox screen.

Record Screen on Windows With RecForth

RecForth is a free screen recorder with no hidden charges that helps users capture Firefox images in high definition. The tool not only allows you to record the entire screen but also allows you to customize the recording area.

Before recording, you can pre-set parameters such as video resolution and FPS. If important content is highlighted during recording, you can set the color and size of the cursor. After recording, the video without a watermark can be exported with one click.

Step 1. Download and Install

For your security, please download the software directly from the Microsoft Store or from the official website by clicking the button below. Once downloaded, it will take you a few minutes to install the software on your computer.

microso download

Step 2. Configure the Setting

Please configure in advance before recording begins. Different buttons in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen allow you to do different configurations.

RecForth Setting Buttons

RecForth Setting Buttons

If you use the built-in Webcam for face capture, click open Webcam. However, Webcam can only be used in Screen mode.

RecForth Webcam Overlay

RecForth Webcam Overlay

To capture sound from the microphone and speaker, check that these buttons are on. This way, you can not only record the computer system voice but also add voice comments. By default, the microphone and speaker are on.

Step 3. Click to Start Recording

With all this in place, you can start capturing your Firefox screen. Click the red Record button to start recording, the recording process can be paused at any time or continue recording.

Start to Full Screen Recording

Start to Full Screen Recording

Step4. Save the Video

To end the recording, click the Stop button. The moment you stop recording, the My Video window will automatically pop up. In this interface, you can preview, rename, and delete the recorded video. If you want to edit or convert the recorded video, please click the last two buttons on the interface to do so.

Preview the Video

Preview the Video

Record Screen on Mac With WonderShare Democreator

DemoCreator is a versatile screen recording tool that helps you record everything happening on your Firefox screen in real-time. This tool helps you capture streaming media, web courses, and presentation videos in Firefox. It provides users with personalized Settings to capture system sound, microphone, and Webcam. Providing real-time screen drawing and mouse focus makes the software even better. After recording you, built-in controls allow you to edit videos, cut videos, add subtitles and reduce noise.

Step 1: Download and install

Download and install WonderShare DemoCreator on your computer. It offers you a free version, but with a lot of restrictions. You can get the tool with a $6.99 monthly plan, a $23.99 annual plan, and a $ 44.99-lifetime plan.

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator

Step 2: Start recording a video in Firefox

Navigate to the capture section and record your Firefox screen. Before moving the recording screen, it is necessary to set up the basic screen. You can set the screen, audio, and other advanced settings in the left panel of the window. Click “Start capture” to launch the on-screen delivery.

Start Recording the Screen

Start Recording the Screen

Step 3: Edit the video

Once you are finished recording, just press the “Stop” button and the video you captured will be automatically imported into the editing tool. You can use the software’s video editor to add features, stickers, titles, and transitions to videos. You can also trim, cut, split, and resize videos. You can even edit the audio to speed it up or slow it down to create a fade-in effect.

Edit the Video

Edit the Video

Step 4: Export and save

Once you edit the video, you need to save it to your computer. Open the Export window and set an appropriate name and location for your video. Click “Export” to finish saving.

Use Add-ons to Record Firefox Screen

In addition to using the above two methods to record the Firefox screen, you can also install an extension on Firefox to record the screen. This method is partly convenient because there is no need to download third-party software.

However, this screen recording method is somewhat limited because it provides very few customizable functions.

How to Use Screen Recorder

Step 1. Navigate to Screen Recorder first, and then add plug-ins.

Step 2. Select the recording mode. Only the screen or Camera can be recorded. Next, set up to record audio. The program allows you to capture system and microphone sounds at the same time or not record audio at all.

Step 3. Once you’re done, start selecting what you want to record. The captured objects can be the entire screen or application Windows and tabs, and once selected, the screen can be shared.

During recording, you can pause the current screen capture at any time, and click the Save button to save the recording file after stopping recording.

How to Use Awesome

Step 1. Use the Firefox browser to navigate to the official website of Awesome Screen Recorder, and use your own account to register.

Then add and pin extensions, and the setup is complete. The next time you use it, go to the extensions TAB at the top of your browser and click open.

Step 2. The program provides three recording modes, and users can select the recording mode according to their requirements.

Then, on the interface for the microphone, Webcam, video resolution, and other settings. Click start recording after setting up.

Step 3. After recording, you can export the recorded files in MP4 format.

You can also edit the video or copy its link to share it on other social platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Record Firefox Screen

Does Firefox Have a Screen Recorder?

Firefox doesn’t come with a built-in screen recording tool, so you’ll need extensions and third-party software to help. Extensions are recommended if you don’t want to download any programs. If you want to use more functionality when recording a screen, try using screen recording software.

How do I Turn on Screen Recorder in Firefox?

If you’re using Firefox on Windows, you can record the screen using Windows 10’s built-in screen recording program, Xbox Game Bar, by pressing Win+G on your keyboard to activate the program. For Mac users, built-in tools are available to capture the Firefox screen. Enter QuickTime Player in the taskbar, find the program, open it, and create a new screen recording.

Which is the Best Screen Recorder for Firefox

There are some factors you need to know when talking about Best Screen Recorder. A good screen recorder not only provides the basic recording mode but also needs to have a variety of recording functions. For example, using a Webcam to record the screen, and using a microphone to capture the system’s internal sound and external voiceover. It is also important to support screen capture during recording. The exported recorded video should not contain watermarks.

To Sum Up

I’ve shown you how to record Firefox for Windows and Mac with the help of third-party screen recording software. You can also install an extension to capture the screen in Firefox, but this is less restrictive.

In order to achieve efficient and stable screen recording in Firefox, you can try the above methods. This article is dedicated to helping you capture every great moment on Windows and Mac, and if you have other insights, please leave a comment below.


Karen is a professional writer with a background in column writing who enjoys resolving complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways.

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