How to Use Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10/11

If you’re wondering how to use the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 and 11, you’ve come to the right place. More information on how to use the Xbox Game Bar may be found in this post.

Tuesday April 19, 2022 9:51 AM PDT by Karen Greene

The Xbox Game Bar is a built-in screen recording tool on Windows 11 and Windows 10, designed by Microsoft to allow users to use various widgets while recording. For gamers, various widgets such as sound controls, and frame rate performance statistics can be easily accessed and managed during gameplay. During gameplay, you can listen to music on Spotify and use the internal controls to take screenshots and save your gameplay moments at any time.


  • Collect and display utilization levels for your computer’s major resources
  • Resources widgets in the Xbox Game Bar allow users to manage performance
  • Magnetic, trackless timeline
  • The built-in program does not require downloading third-party software
  • Built-in controls support screenshots


  • Game features aren’t available for Windows desktop and File Explorer
  • The capture file size is large

How to Use Xbox Game Bar 

For Windows 10 and Windows 11 users, the Xbox Game Bar can help you start and stop recording your computer screen at any time. Let’s take a look at the detailed steps to use it.

Step 1. Activate the Xbox Game Bar

First, start the game that needs to be recorded. Then reach the Xbox Game Bar in the bottom taskbar and open it or use the shortcut Win+G to activate the program. Look for the Capture widget on the screen, it looks like this.

Game Bar Capture Widget

Game Bar Capture Widget

When you press the record button (the third button from left to right in the Capture widget), the PC starts capturing the screen. 

After the recording starts, a small overlay pops up showing the time of the recording. There are two buttons above the overlay, and clicking the corresponding button can help you stop recording and turn the microphone on or off. Similarly, the microphone button on the Capture widget can also help users turn the microphone on or off during recording.

Game Bar Capture Status

Game Bar Capture Status

Step 2. Check Other Widgets

By using the Xbox Game Bar to record gameplay, you can also see how your computer is performing while playing the game. The program will graph the utilization levels of your processor, graphics card, and RAM, and you can even check your game’s FPS

Game Bar Performance Widget

Game Bar Performance Widget

If we want to close or stop some programs in the game to improve the performance of the computer, we need to press the Alt + Tab keys on the keyboard to exit the game to achieve the operation. The Xbox Game Bar available with Windows 11 and Windows 10 has a widget called Resources, a tool that helps you manage performance directly on the overlay. Programs and processes affecting your game are displayed on the overlay, and you can close background programs with one click without leaving the game.

Game Bar Resources Widget

Game Bar Resources Widget

Step 3. End Capture Gameplay

Finally, click the Stop button or press the shortcut Win + Alt + R on the keyboard to end the current recording. When you’re done recording, a “Game Clip Recorded” overlay pops up automatically, which you can tap to open the recording. If the overlay disappears, you can go back to the Capture widget and click Show All Captures at the bottom to open the captured video.

Stop Xbox Game Bar

Stop Xbox Game Bar

The Best Alternative to Xbox Game Bar

The Game features of Xbox Game Bar don’t work on Windows desktop and file Explorer, so the program has some limitations. RecForth can help Windows users make up for these deficiencies, providing a variety of recording modes that not only allow users to record the entire computer screen but also support custom recording areas.

As a free screen recorder, RecForth provides users with HD quality and does not add watermarks to the exported videos. For game users, gameplay can be recorded up to 120FPS, and there will be no lag and lag during capture.

Here are some features of RecForth that you can’t miss

  • Free and without any ads
  • Various recording modes
  • Hd and no watermark
  • Built-in screenshot function
  • Supports custom video resolution and FPS
  • There is no limit to the recording duration
  • Support Webcam recording screen

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Xbox game bar and do I need it?

Xbox Game Bar is a built-in screen recording program on Windows 10, which can help users record gameplay, and can also achieve one-click screenshots during the recording process. For those who need to record screen. This recording tool is very effective. But that doesn’t mean everyone needs to use the program on a PC.

Is the Xbox game bar a virus?

Xbox Game Bar is not malware, the program is completely safe. To avoid some cybercriminals using this program to rename their viruses and malware, you can check where the program is stored. In general, his path is C:\ProgramFiles\Microsoft\Windows 10 Enterprise\GameBar.exe. To stay safe, you can keep your computer updated and regularly scanned.

Is Xbox game bar free?

Xbox Game Bar is a built-in screen recording tool and a viable free app to help you capture your computer screen on Windows 10. This program is provided by Microsoft for its Windows 10 users, so you can use it on your computer for free. 


You’ve learned how to record your screen on Windows 10 with the Xbox Game Bar, a big screen recorder designed for gaming lovers. However, the project still has limitations in some respects. It does not support recording computer desktops or file managers. Therefore, this article also introduces you to other options for the Xbox Game Bar.


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