The Best Screen Recorder No Time Limits[Free and No Wtermark]

If you’re looking for a screen recorder without time limits, this article will help you out. Here are five screen recorders without time limits to make the recording screen at ease. 

Tuesday August 30, 2022 1:56 PM PDT by Karen Greene

When we use screen recording software in our daily life, we will find that there are many screen recording software that limits the duration of recording time. We worry about whether the recorded videos exceed the duration limit and miss the excellent moments.

Here we sorted out a few easy-to-use screen recording software without a time limit, supporting clear and fast full screen and area screen recording.

Top 5 Screen Recorder No Time Limits

Listed below are five screen recording software suitable for different computer operating systems, let’s preview the basic introduction and features of these five software.

# 1. RecForth(Windows-Free)

RecForth is a full-featured HD screen recording software with unlimited recording duration. You can record without worrying about the software stopping you in the middle. In addition, you can set the time to stop screen recording, screen recording will automatically stop at the specified point in time, and save the recorded file. So whether you want to record a short video or a long recording, RecForth can meet your needs.
RecForth is free software, but it offers many additional advanced features. For example, a built-in webcam can capture your action to put it on the computer screen, and a microphone can clearly record system sounds for you and allow you to add voiceovers. RecForth uses advanced recording technology to enhance its performance, making it perfect for full-screen and area screen recording.


  • Unlimited time recording
  • Free and no watermark
  • Support stopping recordings automatically
  • Support webcam overlay and add voice-over
  • Allow take screenshots
RecForth Interface

RecForth Interface

# 2. ScreenRec(Windows, Mac, and Linux – Free)

ScreenRec is a lightweight video recording program for Linux and Windows. This free screen recording software allows you to record your screen in high definition on your computer and has no limit on how long you can record.
In addition, the software can record your computer’s voice, your voice, and your webcam. ScreenRec allows you to take screenshots during recording and create videos without after recording.


  • Record system sound and your voice
  • No watermark or time limits
  • Allow taking a screenshot
  • Support open webcam
ScreenRec Interface

ScreenRec Interface

# 3. Joyshare VidiKit(Windows and Mac – $19.95)

Joyshare VidiKit is also a good screen recorder, with no time limit, and no watermark. Full features allow you to add click effects to the cursor and take screenshots at any time during recording.
This screen recording app allows you to record online courses, meetings, presentations, and stream videos. It allows you to record in full screen, customize areas, or adjust the capture area to suit your needs.


  • Record screen without watermark and time limit
  • Allow you to edit the captured videos
  • Adding audio narration
Joyshare Screen Recorder Interface

Joyshare Screen Recorder Interface

# 4. ShowMore(Online – Free)

ShowMore is one of the best online screen recorders with unlimited recording duration and can also export recorded videos without adding a watermark. This online recording app allows you to record both your screen and webcam synchronously, making it a great choice for business and work, as well as learning and entertainment.
ShowMore allows you to edit in real-time while recording, adding notes, text, arrows, etc. After recording, you can also securely host the captured video on a cloud disk.


  • Free and no time limit
  • Allow editing in real-time
  • Record video and audio simultaneously
ShowMore Interface

ShowMore Interface

# 5. Camstudio(Desktop-Free)

Camstudio is a free and open-source screen recorder that allows you to record your screen quickly and easily. You can also set some advanced Settings before recording, such as allowing recording voice-overs and inserting annotation.
CamStudio is full-featured and easy for the novice. However, the output file recorded using this program will be large, and the video files will be exported to AVI format.


  • Record with no time limit
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Edit to the program code
Camstudio Interface

Camstudio Interface

Screen Recorder Without Time Limits FAQs

Which Screen Recorder is the Best for PC?

The answer to this question depends on the system you use on your PC. Different screen recorders work on different operating systems. If you’re running windows10, I recommend using the free RecForth software. If you’re on a Mac, you can try WonderShare DemoCreator. To learn more info about the best screen, click here.

How to Record My Screen on Windows and Mac for free?

If you want to record screens for free on Windows, I recommend RecForth. Download the software from Microsoft Store to enter the interface, select the mode you need, and then click the start recording screen. The friendly interface and simple operation steps help you achieve easy screen recording on Windows. For Mac users, I recommend using the built-in QuickTime Player, finding it in the app, and opening it. Then you can start your recording journey.

How to Do Game Recording on Windows 10?

Windows 10 has a free built-in screen recorder for its users called the Xbox Game Bar, which is perfect for recording games. Open the game you want to record first, then press Win+G simultaneously to activate the program to jump out of the widget, and hit the REC key to capture your current game interface.


The above screen recording program is limitless, and it can help you handle the problem of screen recording time limits completely. To be honest, each screen recording program has its own set of benefits, so you can pick one that best suits your needs.

I recommend ShowMore, an online screen recorder if you don’t want to download the program. RecForth is a versatile video recording software that you should use if you want to record videos.


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recforth icon

RecForth - Free full-featured screen recorder for all

  • Free and easy-to-use
  • One-click to exported videos without watermark
  • Customized the size and color of the pointer to highlight important content
  • Allowing webcam overlay to capture the action
  • Record system sound and voiceover
  • Free set up automatic stop recording