How to Record the Game on the Steam

If you want to record gameplay on Steam, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to record Steam games on Windows and Mac, as well as online.  

Thursday February 17, 2022 9:28 AM PDT by Karen Greene

Steam is one of the largest integrated digital distribution platforms in the world. The platform allows players to buy, download, discuss, upload and share games and software. With 5 million registered users, Steam is a popular destination for gaming enthusiasts.

When playing a game on Steam, we want to record some of the excellent moments from the game and share them on other social platforms. There is no built-in screen recorder on Steam, so if you want to record Steam games, you will need the help of a third-party screen recorder.  This post will introduce you to three different ways to record gameplay on Steam. Now, let’s dig into it.

RecForth Captures Steam Game on Windows Without Lag

As an HD screen recorder, RecForth is arguably the best application for recording Steam gameplay on Windows. Different recording modes allow you to record in full screen or customize the recording area, as well as advanced Settings before recording.
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Step 1. Download and Install

Go to the Microsoft Store and download RecForth for free, and wait for a while until it is installed on your computer successfully. RecForth provides you with two Screen recording methods. The “Screen” allows you to record in full screen. “Area” allows you to customize the recording Area. To record a game video on Steam, click the Screen on the main screen.

RecForth Home Interface

RecForth Home Interface

Step 2. Webcam and Microphone Settings

If you want to create a gameplay tutorial video, RecForth allows you to open a Webcam and capture your actions in the corner of the video to make your video clips more vivid. You can turn on the microphone to record in-game sounds or add sound narration to your video.

Customize Screen Mode Settings

Customize Screen Mode Settings

Step 3. Customize the Resolution and Frame Rate

You can customize the frame rate and resolution of the video to capture a clearer picture of the game. RecForth allows you to record gameplay at resolutions up to 1200P and frame rates up to 120.

FrameRate and Resolution Settings

FrameRate and Resolution Settings

Step 4. Do Other Advanced Settings

If you want to preset other advanced settings, click the Setting icon turn to the Settings page. Then you can set the countdown and automatically stop recording, you can also set the color and size of the pointer, etc.

RecForth Settings Button

RecForth Settings Button

Step 5. Click to Start Capturing Steam Gameplay

Once done, click the red Record button to start recording Steam gameplay. Feel free to pause or resume recording while you record, and also allow you to take screenshots. You can stop the recording at any time by clicking the Stop button.

Start to Full Screen Recording

Start to Full Screen Recording

Step 6. Preview the Gameplay Videos

After stopping recording, “My Videos” will pop up automatically. Now you can check your high-definition gameplay video clips without watermarks. The last two buttons on the interface allow you to edit and convert your video if you want to make it stand out. These two professional tools will take your Steam gameplay videos to a pro-level.

Check the Recorder Videos

Check the Recorder Videos

Record Steam Game on Mac With EaseUS RecExperts

For Mac users, EaseUS RecExperts can help you capture Steam gameplay with ease. The tool also helps you record in full screen and area screen. Here are the basic steps about how to use it to record Steam games on your Mac.

RecExperts Interface

RecExperts Interface

Step 1. Please first download and install EaseUS RecExperts on your computer. Select “Full Screen” mode if you want to capture the entire screen. To customize the recording Region, click the Region button.

Step 2. Open the game you want to record on Steam and customize it before recording. Tap the Sound button on the home screen to turn on the microphone to help you clearly capture system sounds and add voiceovers while recording Steam games. The tool also allows you to do camera coverage.

Step 3. If you need a timed recording schedule, you can click Auto Stop to go to Settings to customize the recording duration.

Step 4. Once you’re done, click the REC button to start recording. It helps you to clearly capture Steam games on your Mac screen. Click the Stop button to stop recording, and then you can watch the video recorded in “Recording”.

Using Apowersoft to Record Steam Game Online 

With a stable network, you can use Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder to record Steam gameplay. The app allows you to edit the video in real-time and then save the gameplay video as a video file or GIF file.

Apowersoft Interface

Apowersoft Interface

Step 1. Please follow the instruction to download the launcher and install it before you start recording. Then it will take a while to launch the application.

Step 2. Now you can open the game you want to record on Steam. Apowersoft provides you with two recording modes: Full-Screen mode which allows you to capture the whole screen and Region mode which allows you to customize the recording area. You can choose the recording mode according to your own needs.

Step 3. Custom sound Settings to help you record internal and external sounds when recording Steam games. Choose to open Webcam and capture your actions while recording in the corner of the recording screen.

Step 4. Please click REC to start recording. You can pause and resume recording and do real-time editing. When you stop recording, you can upload the  Steam game video to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox.

Frequently Asked Question About Record Steam Game

The questions listed below are frequently asked questions about how to record Steam games. If you’re still confused, please read on.

Q 1. Is there a limit to how long you can screen record?

This depends on the function of the screen recorder, many screen recording software on the market now offer free trial versions but will limit the recording time to three minutes. If you’re looking for a screen recording tool that doesn’t limit the length of recording, you can try RecForth. This intuitive tool helps you capture your computer’s screen for an unlimited amount of time, and it’s free for all users.

Q 2. Does Windows 10 screen recorder capture audio?

Windows 10’s built-in screen recording tool is called the Xbox Game Bar, and it helps you capture sounds while recording the screen. When the microphone is on, it will help you record system sounds and add audio narration. In some ways, the app is great and helps you capture video easily. To activate the program, press Win+G simultaneously on your Window 10.

Q 3. Is Apowersoft Screen Recorder safe?

Yes. If you want to record with Apowersoft’s free online screen recorder on your computer, you need to register for a free account in advance. You’ll need to download a launcher to use it, but you can rest assured that it’s a secure program with no malware or viruses.

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All in all, the above three methods for recording Steam games work well for you. If you’re a Windows 10 user, you can use RecForth to capture Steam gameplay in high definition. For Mac users, you can try using EaseUS for game recording. If you don’t want to download other third-party software, you can use Apowesoft Online Recorder for screen recording.

RecForth is a free screen recording tool that allows you to export recorded video clips in high definition without watermarking. This feature-rich platform provides you with more professional recording modes. It’s good for recording Steam gameplay in many aspects. Download RecForth and give it a try.


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  • Free set up automatic stop recording