How to Add Music to a Video for Free on PC or Mobile

Learn from this guide on how to add background music to any video you hold in a free and easy way.

Friday April 22, 2022 4:55 PM PDT by Karen Greene

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a free and easy method to add some fetching music, songs, or even your own voice to any videos you are in possession of. Adding music to videos makes your videos stirring in two dimensions. This guide demonstrates how to add music or audio to your own videos with step-by-step instructions with screenshots, from which you can easily get a clue and quickly get started.

Prerequisites for Adding Music to a Video

  1. The following tutorial goes about on condition that your video doesn’t have an audio track. If your video file already has an audio track, follow the guide on how to remove sound from a video to erase the existing audio track first.
  2. In a bid to put specific music or songs onto your videos, you have to have desired audio files ready on your PC local storage. And we suggest that you use your own materials or audio files that are royalty-free and aren’t copyright protected.
  3. In this guide, we’ll be using a completely free video editing program FilmForth to add music to videos. FilmForth is one of the best free video editors without watermark, it’s lightweight, multifunctional, and extremely easy to use, even for beginners. 

Not half bad, right? You can easily get it from Microsoft Store by tapping the button below, FilmForth is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

microsoft download

Step-by-step Guide on How to Add Music to a Video on Windows

Step 1. Start a New Project

After you download and install FilmForth, launch it from the Windows start menu, and hit New Project button in the middle.

Create a New Project

Create a New Project

Step 2. Load the Video into FilmForth Program

Drag and drop the video into the program or click ADD VIDEO/PHOTO CLIPS button to load the video you intend to add music to into the program. Then you’ll be led to the video editing screen with your video in the timeline. 

FilmForth supports a wide scope of media formats including JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, WebP, MP4, WMW, AVI, WebM, TS, 3GP, 3GPP, M4V, MOV, MKV, MTS, M2TS, WMV, WAV, M4A, and MP3.

Import a Video File

Import a Video File

Step 3. Select Audio Track in the Timeline

Click to select the currently empty audio timeline, you can find it right under the video track. 

Click Audio Track

Click Audio Track

Step 4. Add Audio to Your Video

After you selected the audio timeline, click the Add Audio button from the pop-up operation panel underneath, then you can add three types of audio.

There’re three viable options, click to choose one from the drop-down menu: 

Add audio: Add an audio file to the video, such as a music file or song file on your PC.

Built-in music: Add sound effects or music to your video from our built-in library, all music is licensed, and please be sure to use it with the authors’ credit.

Voiceover: Use your own voice or vocal for your video, it requires an active audio inputting device.

Add Audio to Your Video

Add Audio to Your Video

Step 5. Adjust Audio Track to the Video Track

If you can see in the audio timeline the added audio track with its name, duration, and volume information on it, you’ll know you have added an audio track to the video correctly. Find the added audio track barely satisfactory? Always hit Delete button on the lower-right side to remove the current audio track.

At times the length of the audio track may exceed that of the video, then you’ll have to trim audio, which can be simply conducted by dragging the Start/End handlebar of the music track. And don’t forget to sync added audio with video! Just make sure the music track is aligned with the video track in the timeline, so the music starts with the video, and ends with the video.

Adjust Audio Track

Adjust Audio Track

Step 6. Export the Video

When you have done editing, hit the play button in the preview window above to see the result. When ready, hit the Save Video button in the lower-right corner to save and export the video. A dialog will pop up for export settings, here you can customize video resolution, bitrate, frame rate, and audio sample rate. Then choose a destination path to save and export the video added with music. 

Export the Video with Music

Export the Video with Music

How to Add Music to Video on iPhone or Android

As mentioned, FilmForth is a desktop video editing program that works on Windows. And here in this section, we’ll talk about how to add music to videos on iOS or Android mobile phones. For this, what we need is an adequate video editing app, and KineMaster is one of the best of them. KineMaster is a popular video editing app for both iPhones and Android phones, with it, you can add an audio track to a video in a dozen seconds.

Now let me show you how to add music to video on Android and iPhone with KineMaster.

  1. Launch KineMaster on your mobile phone, if you haven’t had it yet, you can easily download and install it from Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Hit the left button to create a new project according to the aspect ratio you need.
  3. Hit the Media button to import the video you intend to add music to from your camera roll.
  4. From the editing panel, hit the Audio button to browse for a favored music track from the KineMaster library.
  5. Edit the add music track in the timeline, if needed.
  6. Lastly, hit the Share button to save and export the video.

KineMaster Add Music

KineMaster Add Music

FAQs on Adding Music to Videos

1. Is FilmForth really free?

Yes, FilmForth is completely free to use and highly rated by hundreds of users, you won’t even find a button for any payment.

2. Does adding music to video require any video editing skills?

No, as you can see from the screenshot tutorials, the video editing process is simple and intuitive. FilmForth is tailored to video editing beginners and extremely easy to use. Wanna learn more about how to use FilmForth? Check out our ultimate FilmForth guide.

3. What video and audio files can I use?

We suggest the use of royalty-free audiovisual materials, especially those that are self-produced. We do not endorse or condone the use of video/audio files that are copyright protected.

4. How to add music to videos online?

Despite that there are numerous online video editors that allow you to add audio tracks to videos online, the video editing experience is inevitably subject to network connections and bandwidth limitations. Thus we highly recommend you to try our desktop video editor FilmForth, it works steadily, it can handle much bigger video files, and it processes them fast. 

5. How to adjust the volume of the music added to the video?

FilmForth offers built-in functionality to increase or reduce the volume of video files, to do so, click to select the video in the timeline, and then click the Volume button in the video editing screen, a new panel will pop up for you to adjust volume and add Fade In/Fade Out effect. 

For details, check out our guide on how to change video volume

6. Besides music, can I add my own voice to videos?

Yes, FilmForth allows you to put your own voice on videos with a few clicks, we’ve shown the approach in the tutorial.

7. How to add music to videos on iPhone and Android?

Since FilmForth is only compatible with Windows PC, thus it doesn’t work with iPhone or Android for the moment. To add music and songs to videos on mobile devices such as iPhone and Android, you need video editing apps like iMovie and InShot.

To Sum Up

I hope you’ve learned from this guide and have successfully added desired audio track to your video, now it’s time for sharing! And with the FAQs section above, I believe that your issues about adding background music to videos will be easily solved.

During editing, you can find FilmForth offers comprehensive video editing features for you to touch up your video even more, such as adjusting audio volume, changing playback speed, adding special effects, detaching audio, etc.

It’s worth mentioning that, if you seek to add music for updated YouTube videos in your channel, our guide on how to use YouTube studio to add music to videos can be of help. 


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