How to Change Your Voice in a Video Effortlessly [Free Video Voice Changer]

Changing your voice in a video is a good way to add a sense of humor to a funny video, to make your voice deeper or sharper, give your video a mysterious touch, or just stay anonymous on social media. Whatever the reason, changing voice in videos is a must-have editing skill. Learn from this guide to know how to easily change your voice in a video for free.

Tuesday March 1, 2022 9:40 AM PDT by Karen Greene
How to Change Your Voice in Videos

How to Change Your Voice in Videos

Changing voice in videos is a common practice in video editing nowadays. Just imagine how astonished your friends and family would be, hearing peculiar voices from a family video, instead of the familiar ones that they expected. In addition to that, changing voice in a video can actually be a good element in making funny videos.

In the following tutorials, I’ll step by step show you how to change your voice in a video in a free and easy way.

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Best Free Video Voice Changer no Watermark

Before we start changing voice in a video, you should meet the best free video voice changer program first. FilmForth, the best free video voice editing software, allows you to freely edit and alter your voice in a video, just in simple clicks. And it does more than that, adding music to videos, removing voice from videos, making voiceover videos, etc. are also viable with FilmForth.

Now hit the Microsoft Store download button below to get FilmForth on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC for free!

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Step-by-step Guide on How to Change Voice in Video

Step 1. Create a Project in FilmForth

To edit your voice in a video with FilmForth, please make sure that FilmForth is fully installed. Launch FilmForth from Windows start menu, and hit New Project button in the program.

Create a New Project

Create a New Project

Step 2. Import Video Clips into FilmForth

Drag and drop the files into the program or click ADD VIDEO/PHOTO CLIPS button to load the video clips you intend to change the voice of, and you’ll see these videos lined up in the timeline. You can easily drag and drop to reposition them.

Load Media Files into the Program

Load Media Files into the Program

Step 3. Select a Video Clip in the Timeline

Click to select an audio track in the timeline to change the voice on the corresponding video clip. Then you can see a variety of audio editing options from the lower pop-up panel, such as split, trim, change playback speed, change volume, etc. Click the Voice Changer button.

Click Voice Changer

Click Voice Changer

Step 4. Change the Voice in Videos

From the Voice Changer screen, select voice filters from Monster, Alien, Robot, Telephone, etc. The voice effects will play upon click for you to test them out. When you have made up your mind and selected a preferred voice type for your video, hit the backspace button from the lower-left side to get back to the main workplace.

After changing the voice of your video, you’ll see a blue notification dot on the Voice Changer button, implying that you have applied a voice filter on the selected video.

Change Video Voice

Change Video Voice

Step 5. Save and Export Video Clips

From the main editing workplace, you can hit the play button from the upper windows to preview your work. When everything is done, hit the Save Video button from the lower-right side, customize video parameters like video quality, audio quality, audio sample rate, etc., and then define the output file folder to export the video clip.

Export Voice Changed Videos

Export Voice Changed Videos

FAQs on How to Change Your Voice in a Video

What is the best free voice changer? 

FilmForth is the best free voice audio changer as well as a free audio editor that allows you to effortlessly change your voice in videos and offers many practical audio/video editing functionalities.

How can I change my voice in a video?

Different from changing your voice in live channels, changing voice in a video is much easier and requires only a free video voice changer. Follow the tutorials above to learn about how to change your voice with FilmForth for free.

How to change voice in a TikTok video?

TikTok app offers several voice effects for an assortment of voice-changing options. To change voice in a TikTok video, you have to first use TikTok to record the video, then go to Voice Effects from the upper-right side, and select a preferred effect from given options.

How do I change voice in a video for YouTube?

You’ve got that right, changing your voice or pitch in a video before uploading it to YouTube is a brilliant idea! Aside from that, it keeps you anonymous, special voice effects will make your videos more appealing to your users. For example, the robot voice effect would be for a techie channel. FilmForth is a great voice changer for you to alter video voice for YouTube, and it has perfect default export settings compatible with YouTube.

Here you can learn about the best voice changers for YouTube.

How to change voice in a video editor?

Many video editing tools nowadays offers video voice changing feature, while FilmForth is one of them. What makes FilmForth worthy of your tryout is that it’s completely free, easy to use, practical, lightweight, and it exports videos without watermarks.

At Last.

If you have followed the tutorials above, you must have noticed that FilmForth is such a versatile program that offers not only video voice editing, but video/audio editing features like trimming, cropping, adding audio to videos, detaching audio, making voiceover videos, adding fade-in/fade-out effects, etc. All these features can be found in the lower panel of the main workplace. Again, FilmForth is completely free of charge, download it now and give it a try!


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