Movavi Video Editor Review: The Most Complete Video and Photo Editor for Windows and Mac

Movavi is a popular video editor that has multiple well-received paid versions. On this page, we’ll help you find out everything you need to know about Movavi, and is it worth the price.

Wednesday December 15, 2021 5:29 PM PDT by Karen Greene
Movavi Video Editor Review

Movavi Video Editor Review

Movavi Video Editor is one of the tools with the function to support editing and transforming videos on demand quickly and effectively. With this program, you can freely create and make familiar videos more unique than ever. In recent years, when Video Marketing has become explosive, Movavi Video Editor has always been of interest to users. So, is Movavi Video Editor really worth the money, is it easy to use as rumored? This article will give you the most honest reviews.

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A Quick Look at Our Verdict:

…If your inner filmmaker wants more video editing tools, then Movavi Video Editor is just what you need. The program includes all the functionality of our standard Video Editor, some cool extras like object animations.…

Pros and Cons of Movavi Video Editor


  • User-friendly interface, easy to use
  • There are many available templates, titles, output options available
  • Allow online video sharing
  • Friendly support center, full of resources for editors
  • Suitable for low-profile laptops


  • Not available on Apple Silicon M1
  • Slow data rendering speed
  • No sound meter
  • Missing advanced clipping modes


Currently, you have 7 days free trial of Movavi Video Editor, then you have to buy the software at 3 prices with different benefits:

Movavi Video Editor Plus

(1 Year License)


Movavi Video Editor Plus

(License for life)


Videos Suite

(License for life)


● Renew once a year

● Includes all the features of this video editor

You can forever use the following functions of the software:

● Collage videos

● Using effects

● Automatic video creation

● Use the built-in media pack

● Process 4K video at lightning speed

● Keyframe animation

● Timeline maker

● You will own the full functions of Movavi Video Editor

● It also has a screen stream function

In general, the price structure of Movavi Video Editor is not too high. It is lower than other video editing software. If you are a professional video producer and want to pursue this career long-term, then the Videos Suite package is a great choice for you.

Install Software

Users can install Movavi Video Editor right from the website. The download size of this video editor is about 82 MB for 64-bit systems and 75 MB for 32-bit systems. Depending on the configuration, the average load time is from 5-10 minutes. The installation steps after that are extremely simple because there are instructions included.

Overall, Movavi Video Editor is a lightweight yet full-featured video editor. It is extremely suitable for students, students, or amateurs.

Install Movavi

Install Movavi

The Interface of Movavi Video Editor

Many software experts and editors commented that Movavi video editing software has a very easy-to-use interface. Even when compared to Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Lightworks it looks very simple. This makes it easy for those who are just starting out in video editing to access the software, without spending a lot of time learning how to use it. This is a great plus point of Movavi.

Movavi has a traditional standard layout, you can drag and drop the video files to be edited into the timeline and view the output on the large screen on the right. Movavi’s tools are all gathered on the left side of the interface screen and are marked with a large, clear icon.

Overall, this video editor is very user-friendly. Besides, the publisher Movavi also provides a complete database of learning resources and work suggestions. This shows that they are very thoughtful. When you have any questions, you can easily find the answer. This makes your video editing work more convenient.

Movavi Interface

Movavi Interface

Edit Video

Movavi allows users to edit videos from a variety of sources and formats, including from VHS mobile devices and television, especially with video splitting or recording of video games. You can easily trim, crop, merge and slip your videos with Movavi video editor.

Apart from that, it’s worth mentioning that Movavi has a great online video editor, based on browsers, that allows you to easily and handily edit YouTube videos online.

Movavi Edit Videos

Movavi Edit Videos

Graphic Icons

Another difference between Movavi Video Editor compared to other software is that it has an extremely rich graphical icon store. These include trending Emojis, cartoon-style stickers, or vintage stickers. You can attach these graphic icons to the video very easily by clicking on the Animations tab, selecting the desired graphic icons, and then dragging and dropping them into the video area. Movavi also allows you to change the transparency level of these animations to create emphasis.

Movavi Graphic Icons

Movavi Graphic Icons

Scene Detection Tool

This is a very impressive feature of Movavi Video Editor. It will help the editor to automatically cut the video into suitable segments. This saves you more time if you are editing videos in bulk.

Movavi Scene detection tool

Movavi Scene detection tool

Stabilization Feature

You can easily edit videos with a lot of shakes with Movavi Video Editor because it comes equipped with video stabilization, aka an anti-shake feature. Videos taken in a hurry or shot with a phone and have to move a lot during the recording process will be prone to shaking. This makes it difficult for viewers and editors to focus on the content and causes discomfort when viewing. When using Movavi Video Editor, you can reduce the shake of the video as desired, making the output look more pleasing.

However, it also does not completely solve the problem of the screen shake of videos. The best way to have a smooth video is right from the recording stage, you must have a professional or use a gimbal / other anti-shake devices.

Movavi Stabilization Feature

Movavi Stabilization Feature

Chroma Key

The Chroma Key tool allows editors to replace backgrounds or objects when editing videos. For best results, the source video should be shot with a bright background. You can then use this tool to separate the background and replace it with another image/video. It is very easy to use.

Movavi Chroma Key

Movavi Chroma Key

Highlight and Conceal Features

If you are using the Movavi Video Editor Plus version, then you will find the highlight and conceal feature of this editor very useful. It is used to draw the audience’s attention to a particular part of the video. In addition, you can also use it to hide part of the video. For example, hide the character’s identity.

Movavi Highlight and Conceal feature

Movavi Highlight and Conceal feature

Movavi Effects Store

You can visit the Movavi Effects Store on the app to choose from a variety of pre-designed stickers and titles. This feature helps you save design time and create a distinctive mark in your work. However, according to the reviews of many users, its price is a bit high compared to the market.

Movavi Effects Store

Movavi Effects Store

Movavi’s Resources

Movavi provides users with 150 filters and more than 100 different transition effects. In it, there are a few popular video effects and are very small in size, you will easily use them. Besides, it also has an extremely large sound store with classic and modern files.

In each editing mode, Movavi also allows users to change many elements. For example, in filter mode, you can change transparency, blur, and many other modes.

Movavi is a video creation tool that combines classic and modern. You will see this point clearly when you explore Movavi’s inventory of titles and stickers. The developer of this video editing tool is always up to date with the latest styles of the market. This helps editors unleash their creativity and produce videos that are more tailored to their tastes.

Export video

Movavi Video Editor supports more than 15 types of publishing video formats including MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG, WMV, MKV, M2TS, OGV, and more.

Movavi Export Video Formats

Movavi Export Video Formats

HD Video Processing

Although HD video publishing is allowed, to make this work, your system should meet the following standards:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Intel or AMD processor or equivalent, 2.8 GHz.
  • RAM: 1 GB for Windows 2000 and XP, 2 GB for Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  • Hard disk space: 5 GB for further operations; HD video editing can require large amounts of disk space, up to tens of GB.
  • Sound card.

With an average computer, exporting videos from Movavi Video Editor can consume a lot of rams, if you are determined to pursue a long-term video editing path, you should invest in a system with a high capacity.

Movavi HD Video Processing

Movavi HD Video Processing

Export Video Online

This is a feature any marketer needs – export videos to online platforms like Youtube, Google Driver. This feature allows your work to become more convenient. To use this feature on Movavi, you first need to sign in with your Google account into the app. Then, on the publisher, select share and select the online platform you want to share with. Next, you can choose the video quality, privacy settings as you like. Movavi is rated high security, so users do not need to worry about the problem of stealing their Google account.

Things I Don’t Like About This Software

Honestly, Movavi is a useful, versatile, and easy-to-use video editor. However, it still has a few limitations. The first is that Movavi’s pixel and frame accuracy is not perfect. Many times the shake or transition will be deviated from what I want. If you are someone with high accuracy requirements, this is an annoying problem. The second thing is that in Movavi’s editor you will not see the appearance of the sound meter. Instead, you’ll see the audio waveforms of the clips on the timeline. This makes it less than ideal to correct the audio accompanying the video. However, once you are familiar with Movavi, with your experience, you can solve this problem.

New Features Updated

According to the announcement from the publisher Movavi, in 2022, this video editor will be equipped with new features to help take video editing to a new level. These include:

  • Magic sound booster button: It automatically adjusts the sound in the video to become sharp
  • Manual Audio Adjustment Button: You can edit the audio in each video one by one.
  • Added 3 more sound effects: Overload, Oscillation, and Vibration
  • Added audio driver so editors can adjust the overall volume of the project.

In general, Movavi is equipped with additional features for audio editing. The ability to adjust audio is a minus point of Movavi compared to other video editors. This update will help it remove defects and become even more perfect.

Movavi Video Editor Specifications

System requirements:

Minimum system requirements Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Minimum graphic screen resolution: 1024×768, 32-bit color.
RAM 256 MB for Windows 2000 and XP,

512 MB for Vista,

1 GB for Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 10.

Minimum hard drive space 250 MB for installation

2 GB for follow-up operations.


Price: $44.95/year

64.95$/ lifetime

$84.95/lifetime, full features

Number of languages supported 14
3D video editing Yes
4K video processing Yes
Number of filters 150
Number of transition effects 100
Upload videos to YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive right from the app Yes
Video postcard design function Yes

Main features of Movavi Video Editor:

  • Support video editing and editing such as cutting, joining, upgrading sound quality, images … quickly and effectively.
  • Can read and apply on many popular video formats today.
  • Support converting video formats dynamically.
  • Allow ripping, cloning videos to CD/DVD on demand.
  • Built-in video postcard design functionality for email or blog.

Final verdict

If your inner filmmaker wants more video editing tools, then Movavi Video Editor is just what you need. The program includes all the functionality of our standard Video Editor, some cool extras like object animations.

Remove unwanted passages, move parts around, add titles and transitions, apply filters, upload music, add your own dub, and more! Save your movies to watch on your PC, mobile device, or even a 4K TV. Upload videos to YouTube right from the program.

If you want the most authentic experience from yourself, then you can use Movavi’s 7 free days to experience it. Try it now.

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FilmForth is on the top of our list of best free video editing software and it can serve as a perfect Movavi Video Editor alternative for Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs. FilmForth is completely-free, intuitive, incredibly easy to use, and it doesn’t export videos with watermarks, making it a perfect option for video editing beginners.

What’s more, FilmForth can be versatile as well, it offers a variety of video editing options including trimming videos, cropping videos, resizing videos, adding customizable text to videos, splitting videos, adding gifs/stickers/special effects to videos, detaching/changing/adjusting audio, adding transitions, reversing video, changing video playback speed, even creating YouTube intro with templates, and a lot more.

FilmForth is available from Microsoft store, hit the download button below to get it for free, and it will install on your computer in less than 2 minutes!

microsoft download

How to Edit Videos with FilmForth Free and Effortlessly

Step 1. Import Video into FilmForth

Editing video with FilmForth is super duper easy, first launch FilmForth from Windows start menu, hit the New Project button in the middle, and click ADD VIDEO/PHOTO CLIPS button to import your videos/photos.

Import the Video

Import the Video

Step 2. Edit Videos with FilmForth

After videos are added to FilmForth, you can click to select a video clip in the timeline to edit it. There are clickable buttons in the timeline and the operation panel below for you to quick edit the video.

Edit Your Videos

Edit Your Videos

Step 3. Export Videos from FilmForth

When you’re done editing, hit the Save video button from the lower right side to customize video parameters and export the video, simple as that! So don’t hesitate to give FilmForth a try!

Save and Export Video

Save and Export Video


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