Top 8 Free Online YouTube Video Editors No Downlod

This article introduces the highly recommended free online YouTube video editor.

Wednesday January 19, 2022 11:44 AM PDT by Karen Greene

When it comes to videos, YouTube is the place to be. You may also be enthralled by the production and editing prowess of your favorite YouTubers. It is crucial to be inspired after all.

Now you wish to edit videos in a similar manner for posting on your channel. At first, the idea of editing may put you off the rail.

The settings, learning curve, and the demanding software take both time and a powerful computer rig to get the deed done. Worry not; there are many options available online without installing gigantic size applications on your computer.

Online YouTube editors are browser-based applications that can be accessed without downloading or installing anything. You type in the web address and voila, you get an online editor for free.

# 1. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is like a YouTuber’s dream coming true. All the necessary editing features minus the hassle of actually installing anything. Sign up using your email, Facebook, or Google account, and you are good to go.

Free Online YouTube Video Editor - Clipchamp

Free Online YouTube Video Editor – Clipchamp


  • Picture in Picture mode: Put overlay images, videos, and slideshows. Those reaction videos are easy to make now.
  • Audio Visualiser: See your audio on-screen in the video. Helpful in the podcast and audio-centric videos.
  • Customizable Video Templates: Have ads or wedding videos to finish up? Use the premade template to get started.


  • Features don’t take time to load.
  • A plethora of filters and transitions.
  • One-click export for all videos.


  • Doesn’t support few video formats.

# 2. Biteable

The Internet marketer in you would find Biteable better than most. Backed with its extensive library of resources, you will never get lost.

Free Online YouTube Video Editor - Biteable

Free Online YouTube Video Editor – Biteable


  • Big Templates Library: Templates for virtually every kind of need.
  • Free Video Clips: over 800,000 clips of people, places, and animals for your videos.
  • Animations: Use Premade animation for tutorials, adverts.


  • Easy-to-use UI.
  • 100s of fonts for use in the video.
  • Overlay images, videos, and animations can be added.


  • Sports a giant watermark on video in the free plan.

# 3. WeVideo

A feature-rice online YouTube video editor that keeps it simple for every type of user.

Free Online YouTube Video Editor - WeVideo

Free Online YouTube Video Editor – WeVideo


  • Collaborative feature: Invite your friends to add media to your project.
  • Multi-platform: Edit on the go with apps for Android and iOS.
  • No Upload Wait time: Wait for none while uploading your video.


  • A gigabyte of cloud storage for videos.
  • Edit in collaborate with the collaborative feature.
  • Zero uploading down-time for free users.


  • Only 480p videos on the free plan.

# 4. Fastreel by Movavi

Edit videos without any nonsensical features to bog you down. Upload, edit and publish. This is the philosophy of Fastreel.

Free Online YouTube Video Editor - Fastreel

Free Online YouTube Video Editor – Fastreel


  • Free Music Library: Choose music without worry about copyright.
  • Many supporting tools: Individual tools for every need.
  • Large Size Videos Files: Supports up to 500MB of videos.


  • One-click Slideshow creator.
  • The wide library of transitions.
  • Add multiple files at once.


  • Accessing each feature individually is a task for free users.

# 5. Adobe Spark Editor

Spark is an online editor, bringing a bunch of those features to the online version. Few of them are borrowed exclusively from the Adobe suite.

Free Online YouTube Video Editor - Adobe

Free Online YouTube Video Editor – Adobe


  • Fluid interface: Everything is sleek, swift and the response time is impressive.
  • Preview: Give your edits a dry run before publishing.
  • Add people to edit: Share the link or email the link and give them access.


  • Uploading videos fast.
  • Free 14 days trial with all the features.
  • Different background themes.


  • No free version available.

# 6. Clideo

Clideo shares its UI panel with the one on Fastreel while being incredibly easy to use.

Free Online YouTube Video Editor - Clideo

Free Online YouTube Video Editor – Clideo


  • Convert video to different formats.
  • Create video memes.
  • Produce stop motion videos with ease.


  • Editing incredibly easy for everyone.
  • Several audio enhancement features.
  • Convenient slideshow maker.


  • Watermark on videos in the free plan.

# 7. Moovly

Specializing in explainer videos, Moovly masters the tutorial niche.

Free Online YouTube Video Editor - Moovly

Free Online YouTube Video Editor – Moovly


  • Batch convert videos.
  • Synchronize animations with one-click.
  • Over 1 million free media elements.


  • Publish directly to YouTube, Vimeo, and others.
  • Drag and drop any available element.
  • No watermarks.


  • Supports only 480p resolution on the free plan.

# 8. Renderforest

Bookmark Renderforest for times when you would need a large number of edits for free.

Free Online YouTube Video Editor - Renderforest

Free Online YouTube Video Editor – Renderforest


  • Music visualizations with text and photos.
  • Presentation with templates for everyday occasions.
  • YouTube edit toolkit with 300 scenes.


  • Library of media elements exclusively for YouTube.
  • The unlimited number of edits.
  • Subdomain web page to showcase your work.


  • Watermark on every creation.

The Best YouTube Video Editor with No Watermark

Some online YouTube video editors have definitely impressed with its immense media library and fluid interface. What they lack are the features that are compensated with the shine.

As a matter of fact, few of the editors even provide watermark-free videos, but the buck usually stops with 480p resolution videos.

There is an underrated YouTube video editor, which goes by the name of FilmForth. It is available for free on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 64bit based computers. Install it with 2-clicks without worrying about any hidden unwanted software to get installed along with it.

Create New Project with FilmForth

Create New Project with FilmForth

You don’t require any editing experience or a boring guide to edit your videos either. If you are a beginner movie maker who is making a move, this might be your best to get started.


  • No Watermark

Watermarks are an eyesore on a video. All the free YouTube editors are guilty of adding it. FilmForth provides you with the option of removing while saving the video.

More the better when it comes to frame rates. Select the number of frame rates you want for your video—make-up to 60FPS videos which are compatible across all smart devices and TVs.

Choose YouTube Video Frame Rates via FilmForth

Choose YouTube Video Frame Rates via FilmForth

One-click option using the Detach audio button to separate audio from the video. Replace it with the background music, audio of your choice. You can also add voice over the video.


  • Free to use; no hidden charges.
  • No watermarks of any video.
  • Faster rendering and saving of video.
  • Extremely user-friendly for a novice user as well.


  • Lacks stop-motion builder.

Karen is a professional writer with a background in column writing who enjoys resolving complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways.

filmforth icon

FilmForth - Free Video Editor

  • No charge, no watermark, no skill required at all.
  • Export video to MP3 with one click.
  • Add transitions, effects, filter, text to the video as you want.
  • Remove, replace, record and edit the background audio easily.
  • Change the speed, volume, and subtitle on video with ease.
  • Stabilize, trim, rotate, and convert video in seconds.