How to Export a Video in CapCut, and Best Export Settings for TikTok

On this page, you’ll learn from the detailed guide on how to export a video in CapCut (with or without watermarks), and the best export settings to achieve an eye-pleasing result on TikTok. The best CapCut alternative to adjust CapCut export’s FPS and Bitrate will also be introduced.

Wednesday June 22, 2022 11:37 AM PDT by Karen Greene
How to Export in CapCut

How to Export in CapCut

The video-sharing platform TikTok is sweeping the world and winning everybody’s attention, including your kids. We all love short videos and spend a vast majority of our spare time watching them, and whether we’ve realized it or not, it’s the high-quality videos that attracted us the most. I mean, it’s our nature to appreciate the finest.

Most TikTokers use the default video editing app CapCut for their content creation, and it’s vital to get better quality for our content.

Today in this post, we’ll talk about how to export videos in CapCut, and the best CapCut export settings for TikTok, to get good video quality. Now please read on to learn more.

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How to Export a Video in CapCut – Step by Step

To get started, I’ll step by step show you how to export a video in the CapCut video editing app. And we’ll get the quality part in a bit.

The tutorial is demonstrated on an Android smartphone, and the method works with CapCut on iPhone and CapCut on PC as well.

*Please note that in certain versions of CapCut, the options to customize export settings is separated and put aside from the Export button, making the exporting steps for which slightly differ from the following tutorials.

Step 1. Load Video Project in CapCut

Launch CapCut on your device, then open the video project you intend to export in CapCut. If you don’t have an existing video project yet, hit New project to start a new one and go editing.

Load Editing Project in CapCut

Load Editing Project in CapCut

Step 2. Hit Export Button in CapCut

Hit the upper-right Export button to go to the CapCut export window. The Export button looks like an upward arrow.

Hit Export Button in CapCut

Hit Export Button in CapCut

Step 3. Export Video in CapCut

From the CapCut export window, adjust video resolution from 480p to 1080p and frame rate from 24FPS to 60FPS. When ready, hit the lower Export button to export your video.

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Export a Video in CapCut

Export a Video in CapCut

How to Export in CapCut without Watermark?

As we know, if you’re done editing and you export a project or template in CapCut directly, you’ll notice a CapCut watermark by the end of the output video clip.

To export CapCut without watermarks, you should manually remove watermark the automatically added to the end of the timeline of your video editing project.

For more information, see our guide on how to remove watermark in CapCut from video endings or templates.

How to Get Good Quality on CapCut TikTok

To impress more audiences on TikTok, influencers are all trying to improve their video quality to match up with the latest industrial specs. But how to get good quality on CapCut for TikTok then? The quality of a video is subject to many criteria, the vital ones of which include video resolution, video FPS, and video bitrate – which determines how clear and how smooth your videos are.

And according to the testing resolve from IoForth video production team, the best export settings for TikTok are as follows.

Best CapCut Export Setting for TikTok

Resolution: 4k (or the next highest option)

Aspect Ratio: Vertical 9:16 or 1080px x 1920px.

Frame Rate: 24 to 30FPS.

Bitrate: 516kbps.

However, as we can see from the CapCut exporting tutorials above, CapCut only offers customizations for video resolution and frame rate. So, in a bid to get good quality for CapCut video exports in a more precise manner, we’ll be using a powerful CapCut alternative app.

Adjust Video Bitrate and Dimension Using CapCut Alternative

In this part, I’d like to introduce the best CapCut alternative video editing app which allows you to adjust video bitrate, aspect ratio, audio bitrate, audio sample rate, etc. with ease. This awesome free tool is FilmForth, a free all-in-one video editing software for Windows, and one of the best CapCut alternatives for PC and online.

FilmForth offers detailed export settings, allowing CapCut users to further configure their export parameters. To adjust video export settings using FilmForth,

  1. Download and install FilmForth from Microsoft Store or by clicking the Download button below. Then launch FilmForth on your computer.
  2. Import your CapCut export video and conduct further video editing if needed. For example, you can change the video aspect ratio from the main workplace.
  3. Hit the Save Video button and the export settings window will pop up, where you can freely adjust video resolution (up to 4K supported), video quality (bitrate), video FPS, audio quality, audio sample rate, etc.

microsoft download

While you’re at it, don’t forget to consult the Best CapCut Export Setting for TikTok listed above!

FilmForth is a practical video editor that allows you to merge, rotate, add special effects, add transitions, add PIP effects, and add stickers to videos. And more awesome video editing features for you to find out.

Change Aspect Ratio

Change Aspect Ratio


In conclusion, to achieve the best visual result on TikTok, you need to configure your video resolution, video aspect ratio, video frame rate, video bitrate, etc. to the designated value. While the CapCut app only supports adjusting two of which, it’s a good plan to use the best free CapCut alternative FilmForth for more customization, and it even supports further video editing if needed.

FilmForth is a completely free and useful video editing tool, so make sure to use it with CapCut, it will certainly help you create your next viral video on TikTok!


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