How to Remove YouTube Playlist[Step-by-step Tutorial]

This article will teach you how to remove YouTube playlists from Android, iOS phones, and desktops.

Thursday May 19, 2022 9:07 AM PDT by Karen Greene

With over 2 billion monthly logged-in users, YouTube is the leading platform for watching videos of various genres. In fact, the majority of the users visit the video-sharing giant for streaming music. Consequently, YouTube allows you to create a playlist with the videos of your choice.

You can curate playlists with your favorite to watch later, share with friends, and more. Creating YouTube is easy, and so is deleting it. Learn how to do it for Android, iOS devices, and desktops.

How to Clear YouTube Playlist on Android Device

Step 1. Click the Library Icon on YouTube

Open the YouTube app on your phone. Head to the Library from the home screen. The button can be found at the bottom of the screen.


How to Remove YouTube Playlist

Step 2. Select the Playlist to Delete

After that, in the library section, scroll down to the playlist section. It will house all the saved playlists, either curated or saved. Tap on the playlist that you wish to delete.


Tap on the Playlist to Delete

Step 3. Find the Delete Playlist Option

Find the three-vertical-dot button at the top. Tap it once. You will find the Delete Playlist option there.


Delete Playlist on Android Device

Tap on it once, and a confirmation prompt will appear on the screen. The playlist will get deleted and you will be back in the Library section.

For deleting a third-party(not created by you) playlist from your playlist collection, you will need to tap on the remove from the library button.


Remove From the Library

How to Remove YouTube Playlist on iOS Devices

Removing the YouTube playlist on iOS devices is a tad bit easier. To be precise, it requires two steps less to do it. You can remove the YouTube playlist on iOS devices in the following manner.

Step 1. Go to the Library on YouTube

Open the YouTube app from the home screen or app library. Head to the Library from the home screen of the app.


Head to the Library

Step 2. Scroll Down to Select the Delete Playlist

After that, scroll down to the playlist section, which will consist of all the saved, and created playlists. We have an example playlist at hand. Select the playlist from the list.


Select the Playlist on iOS Device

Step 3. Click on the Delete Button

Now you are in the playlist, click on the delete button, as denoted by the arrow.


Delete YouTube Playlist

It will ask for confirmation for deleting the playlist. Tap on ok to confirm.

How to Delete YouTube Playlist on Desktop

Moving on to the bigger machines, let us delete YouTube playlists on a Desktop computer. There are no apps involved, as we will do it using the website version of YouTube.

Step 1. Visit YouTube from the Browser

Visit YouTube from any modern web browser. Make sure you are logged into your YouTube/Google account while visiting the website. You have two options to access the playlists.

Step 2. Access to the Playlists

The Hamburger icon is denoted by A at the top-left. Click on it to open the quick-access bar with playlists, subscriptions, and more. Click on see more to see all the playlists. Select the playlist that you want to remove.


Access the Playlist on Desktop

Or click on the Library icon and then scroll down to the playlist. Now click on view full playlist on your playlist, which you want to remove.


Remove YouTube Playlist

Step 3. Delete Playlist from the Menu

Click on the three-horizontal-dots icon to open the playlist menu. After that, click on the Delete Playlist option from the menu. A confirmation prompt will appear. Make sure that you are deleting the correct playlist.


Delete YouTube Playlist or Cancel

How to Remove YouTube Playlist FAQs

We have wrapped up the main tutorial. Let’s move on to some useful tips that may come in handy for you.

How to Create a Playlist on YouTube

The process of creating a playlist is relatively similar for mobiles device and desktops.

Step 1. Find any video on YouTube that you wish to add to a new playlist.


Video Add to a New Playlist

Step 2. Tap on the three-vertical-dots and a menu will appear. Now select the save to playlist option. After that, tap on the New Playlist, given on the top.


Create YouTube Playlist

Step 3. Give your playlist a name and set the visibility to either public, private or unlisted. Tap on create once the name and visibility are set.

You can quickly create and add any video to a playlist by long-pressing the add button. It is generally positioned below the video title. The playlist section will appear on the screen.

How to Remove a Video From Your Favorites on YouTube

A Favorites playlist means either your Liked videos or the Favorite playlist that must have been created a while back.  Find the playlist the way we discussed earlier. Once you’re in the Favorites, tap on the three-vertical-dots next to the video you want to delete. Tap on Remove from Favorites and the video will be removed from your Favorites.


Delete Video Favourites

How Do I Remove Hidden Videos from YouTube playlist?

Go to your “Liked videos” and add the following code to the URL: &advanced settings=1 &disable polymer=1>This will bring up the advanced playlist, where you can delete the video>Refresh your playlist to remove the video.


You can create, edit and delete playlists at your whim. Deleting playlists that other users create is not an option. For them, your best bet would be to remove them from your playlist section instead.


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