12 Best CapCut Templates: Best Trending CapCut Templates in 2022

CapCut is a piece of very easy-to-use video editing software. One of the most popular and respected is its established formula. You will learn about the 12 most popular CapCut templates and their characteristics through this article.

Thursday July 28, 2022 2:12 PM PDT by Karen Greene
Best CapCut Templates

Best CapCut Templates

CapCut is a piece of very popular video editing software nowadays. It cooperates with TikTok and makes progress together. At first, it was only compatible with mobile phone devices. But with the increasing demand of users, CapCut now also allows users to operate on the computer desktop. This not only gives users more choices but also enlarges many details for fine editing. CapCut provides many high-quality filters and beauty effects, professional-grade transitions and animation effects, fashionable stickers and labels, various types of music and dubbing, and so on. Massive functions can increase the texture of video a little bit, but for many novice editors, this will be a very difficult thing. Therefore, CapCut has introduced a large number of established formulas, namely CapCut templates.

CapCut templates are a set of ready-made formulas that contain filters, transitions, effects, sound effects, text, titles, and many other elements which can be applied directly. You only need to add the template you want with one click and then import the material to quickly get an eye-catching video. This is very suitable for novice parties or people who don’t have much leisure time. You don’t have to worry about those templates being outdated, because they will keep up with the times and be updated constantly. Next, 12 popular CapCut templates will be introduced to you in detail.

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Part 1. 12 Best CapCut Templates

Beat Template Sync CapCut Template

Beat Template Sync is a CapCut Template with a full rhythm and a very happy soundtrack. The whole formula has fast and slow. In the beginning, it is a slow-motion display. Later, as the music reaches its climax, the playing speed is also accelerated. At the same time, with the flickering light and the special effects of zooming in and out, the whole video becomes a sense of design. The filter of the whole video is very bright, which is very suitable for summer. Especially the photos taken when going out to play on a sunny afternoon are very suitable as the material of this recipe. With cheerful music, it is hard not to make people feel happy.

At the same time, if you have a pet, you can share your cat, dog, hamster, etc. with the audience through this CapCut Template. Of course, this formula has some unique small designs to increase the appreciation, for example, there will be photo mirror processing to show from multiple perspectives, blur processing at the beginning to enhance the hazy feeling, and caption processing in the middle to attract attention, and so on.

Download Beat Template Sync CapCut Template

CapCut Template Beat Sync

CapCut Template Beat Sync


DJ HABIBI RIMEX is a more ambient, but less fast-paced CapCut Template that incorporates a lot of effects to make the whole video more technical and watchable. In the first few seconds, the video starts with a trapezoidal contraction and squeeze transition from both sides, followed by an exploding fireworks display for emphasis. Next, there are different directions of attention to highlight some of the features and then at the end of the full show again to emphasize the whole.

DJ HABIBI RIMEX CapCut Template is ideal for introducing yourself or others. You can mark the name on the cover and then introduce it through the display of different photos. The recipe can also be used to make a before and after picture to highlight the different parts. The rhythmic but unhurried music will bring a sense of comfort.

Download DJ HABIBI RIMEX CapCut Template

CapCut Template DJ Habibi Rimex

CapCut Template DJ Habibi Rimex

DAILAMO CapCut Template

DAILAMO is a very beat-like and brainwashing CapCut Template, with only one word, DAILAMO, running through the whole process, but also impressive through the changes of rhythm, volume, and speed. The recipe also incorporates a lot of elements: mirror flip effect, title font effect, image magnification effect, jumping up and down shift effect, and so on. The overall filter is a bright style, perfect for sharing travel moments.

Or use it as a short but rhythmic dance. Short and powerful music can match the dance steps, making it look more rhythmic and impressive. Of course, if you don’t like some transitions or effects in the template, you can also modify them when applying them to create your unique style and video template. One of the highly recommended aspects of this template is that the font is set in the lower center, which does not block the overall image, and the font design is very strong.

Download DAILAMO CapCut Template

CapCut Template Dailamo

CapCut Template Dailamo

Shaka Boom CapCut Template

Shaka Boom is a CapCut Template that gives people a very powerful feeling. it has a very powerful soundtrack with a staggering rhythm. At the same time, the black curtain at the beginning gives people a sense of mystery. The picture is shown in the way of left and right flat spread to make people bright, but the overall dark style gives people a sense of distance and untouchability.

A variety of sound effects throughout the whole video will reveal a cold tone. The end still ends with a full black screen, echoing before and after. This is a very fashionable video clip. If you are a cool boy/girl who wants to keep up with the trends, then this CapCut Template will be perfect for you. The overall tone and style of this formula are perfect for sharing photos in dimly lit interiors. If you want to create a scary atmosphere to narrate or recommend a movie or TV show, this recipe is also suitable for you.

Download Shaka Boom CapCut Template

CapCut Template Shaka Boom

CapCut Template Shaka Boom

StikerViralKeren CapCut Template

StikerViralKeren is an overall very upbeat CapCut Template that starts with a fast drum-like rhythm. Not only does it give the viewer a sense of pressure but it also gives them a sense of anticipation. In the end, the content of the video is slowly presented again and it will make people’s eyes shine. The combination of images and music makes all the material more special. Precise snaps and flickers of light and dark make the whole video constantly focused and catch the viewer’s eye for continuous attention.

However, the StikerViralKeren CapCut Template filter is more natural and will directly adhere to the color of the photo or video footage itself, so it won’t change the tone much, so you can adjust the footage before uploading it and then import it for better results. This video is great for introducing friends or introducing your favorite movies, TV shows, variety shows, etc.

Download StikerViralKeren CapCut Template

CapCut Template Stikerviralkeren

CapCut Template Stikerviralkeren

Flash Warning CapCut Template

Flash Warning CapCut Template always gives a sense of unpredictability. The fast-paced music and quick transitions make it impossible to take your eyes off the screen. The opening Flash Warning banner quickly captures the viewer’s attention and arouses their suspicion. The various shapes (diamonds, circles, squares, etc.) and extensions of the transitions at the back add to the overall interest and spectacle of the video.

Another outstanding design of this template is the display of the font effect. The title word in the middle attracts the audience’s attention, and the red and black color scheme can also highlight the title more. Secondly, the constant switching between zoom in and zoom out makes the video opening effect unique. Before and after the two different music rhythm gives a sense of transition. But this recipe is more suitable for synthesizing some photo clips, not so suitable for video clips. Because if it is used for video clips, people will have a feeling of not being able to find the focus.

Download Flash Warning CapCut Template

CapCut Template Flash Warning

CapCut Template Flash Warning

3D ZOOM PRO 2022 CapCut Template

3D ZOOM PRO 2022 CapCut Template is a formula that incorporates a lot of plucked instruments and percussion sounds. The overall feeling is very full of momentum, a feeling of tightness. However, the focus of this recipe is different from other recipes, which focus more on the material itself, while the 3D ZOOM PRO 2022 CapCut Template focuses on the content of the fonts under the recipe. The entire video presents more than 40 kinds of text content and styles, and the fonts are mostly different.

Surprisingly, many languages from different countries and regions are shown, giving a sense of harmony and integration. Of course, you can also modify the text content to fit the style and theme of your video, depending on the material. This is perfect for sharing a few photos that you like to highlight.

Download 3D ZOOM PRO 2022 CapCut Template

CapCut Template 3D Zoom Pro

CapCut Template 3D Zoom Pro

Makarena CapCut Template

Makarena CapCut Template is a very jumpy video template recipe. The overall music is a slow and then fast tempo. It starts with a numerical slogan, and the music starts from fast to slow and ends at a super fast pace to give the viewer a feeling of not wanting to finish.

The overall filter style is on the dark side, so it’s not too bright. But the subsequent fast tempo with the flash point will give the audience some memory points. This recipe is perfect for some videos with a very fast pace of change or some videos with a strong sense of technology.

Download Makarena CapCut Template

CapCut Template Makarena

CapCut Template Makarena


SHNE TEMPLATES CapCut Template is a template with a clear change before and after. Especially its music is always easy to catch the viewer’s ear. A rhythmic pause at the beginning gives the video editor more room to play around with embedding the right scene or keyframe. And a sudden crescendo at the end with a scattering of love transitions allows you to switch styles immediately. This is perfect for dress-up videos or before-and-after videos to highlight the differences and contrasts.

Download SHNE TEMPLATES CapCut Template

CapCut Template Shne

CapCut Template Shne

Best Friend’s CapCut Template

Best Friend’s CapCut Template is, as the name suggests, an exclusive video formula for introducing friends. The main feature of this recipe is that the music lyrics and the text content correspond to each other. The text is floating at the top of the video, so you don’t have to worry about it covering or interfering with the video.

Of course, if you don’t want it to have the established lyric content and text content, then you can change the import according to your preference.

Download Best Friend’s CapCut Template

CapCut Template Best Friends

CapCut Template Best Friends

TikTok Trending Beat CapCut Template

TikTok Trending Beat CapCut Template is a very rhythmic and original video recipe. The initial bokeh portrait effect creates a hazy aesthetic, while the partial close-ups continue to showcase the different aesthetics of each part by zooming in on the details. The TikTok Trending Beat CapCut Template is perfect for videos that need to show off the details of the image.

Download TikTok Trending Beat CapCut Template

CapCut Template Trending Beat

CapCut Template Trending Beat


NEW TREND TIKTOK CapCut Template captures the audience’s attention with a multiform change of transitions and special effects. The light music first relaxes the audience. A variety of materials will be stacked in the form of tiles and finally, the most wanted images will be enlarged.

As the rhythm of the music accelerates, the material is continuously displayed through the mirror effect and zoom effect. TikTok Trending Beat CapCut Template is perfect for sharing photos of scenery or idols.

Download NEW TREND TIKTOK CapCut Template

CapCut Template New Trend TikTok

CapCut Template New Trend TikTok

Part 2. How To Use CapCut Free Templates

This article has introduced the 12 best CapCut templates, but do you want to know exactly how you need to operate in order to apply these recipes to your videos? Here are two ways to do it.

Load CapCut Template

Load CapCut Template

Method 1:

Step 1. Click on the subheading link directly to go to the corresponding template showcase page.

Step 2. Click Use Template in CapCut in the red box below to jump to the page.

Step 3. Once the jump is complete, you can directly use the selected recipe and add and create the material.

Method 2:

Step 1. Go to CapCut APP.

Step 2. Click the Template navigation button below to enter the template library.

Step 3. Look through the templates directly to find the template you want or find and apply the template by category.

More CapCut Tips and Tricks You Should Not Miss

Aside from using the CapCut templates, here are some practical and easy-to-use CapCut tips and tricks that you should totally try! They’ll certainly help you create you make your next viral video! Among them are popular video editing trends such as velocity edit and 3D zoom.


CapCut is such a popular video editing app, and according to our earlier CapCut review, it is so worth of the popularity.

You’ve read this article to learn about 12 very popular and useful CapCut templates. Choose from the different types of CapCut templates according to the material you have available. At the same time, CapCut templates not only allow you to edit your video quickly but also give you the freedom to edit. You can also make changes to the template after applying them to create personalized settings.

So, whether you are a novice editor or an experienced editor, CapCut templates can make your life faster and more efficient. Especially for novice editors, getting this set in one click simplifies all your editing operations and allows you to easily export a very advanced video while adding a unique personality according to your imagination. Therefore, CapCut templates are well worth a try.


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