How to Easily Add Glitch Effect to Videos and Photos for Free

Glitch effect is an eye-catching special effect for your videos and pictures. On this page, you’ll learn the best method to add free glitch effect to videos and photos.

Wednesday December 8, 2021 11:40 AM PDT by Karen Greene

Glitch video effect is a kind of video special effect that gives your video a look of old media’s mistakes. I personally see it as a piece of art deliberately fabricated to generate the feel of digital distortion in a novel way. Adding glitch special effect to your videos will undoubtedly make your videos exceptional on Tik Tok, YouTube, and other social networks. And in this post, you’ll find a free and easy method to make glitch videos and photos.

1. Best Video Editor for Adding Glitch Effect to Videos

In this post, we’ll be using a great video glitcher FilmForth to add glitch effects to videos and photos. FilmForth is one of the best free video editing applications on Windows 10 and Windows. Compared with online video editors, FilmForth presents much faster and steadier video editing performance and offers more special effects, GIFs, and stickers for adding to your videos.

FilmForth video editor is an extraordinary choice for self creations. Aside from adding special effects to videos, FilmForth offers high-quality clips for making YouTube intro videos, and ready-made templates for creating your own GIFs and even making funny videos.

With a simple click on the button below, FilmForth can be accessed from Microsoft store and be installed on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC in less than 2 minutes.

microsoft download

2. How to Add Glitch Effect to Videos and Photos (Step-by-step Guide)

Step 1. Create a Project in FilmForth

To add glitch effect to videos or photos with FilmForth, after FilmForth is fully installed, launch FilmForth from Windows start menu, and hit New Project button in the middle of the program.

Create a New Project

Create a New Project

Step 2. Import Video Clips into FilmForth

Drag and drop the videos/photos into the program or click ADD VIDEO/PHOTO CLIPS button to load two or more video clips or photos that you want to add glitch effect into the program, and you’ll see them lined up in the timeline.

Import a Video File

Import a Video File

Step 3. Go to Special Effect Screen from Workplace

After videos/photos are imported into FilmForth, you’ll be led to the video editing workplace. First go to the timeline, click to select the video/photo you want to add glitch effect to, then click the Effect button from the lower operation panel.

Go to Special Effect Screen

Go to Special Effect Screen

Step 4. Add Glitch Effect to Your Videos and Photos

To glitch your videos or photos, locate and click on Glitch effect, and hit the backspace button from the lower-left corner to get back to video editing screen. After the glitch effect is added to the video, press the play button from the upper screen to preview your work.

As you can see, there are various special effects available including: Glitch, 1977, Aden, Amaro, Brannan, Brooklyn, Clarendon, Earlybird, Gingham, etc. Don’t forget to try other special effects next time!

Add Glitch Effect

Add Glitch Effect

Step 5. Save and Export Glitch Effect Videos and Photos

When you’re satisfied with your work, click the Save video button from the video editing workplace to save and export the video. Customize video parameters, define a destination path for your exports, and export the video.

Save and Export Glitch Effect Videos

Save and Export Glitch Effect Videos

3. Glitch Effect Frequently Asked Questions

What is a glitch effect?

Glitch effect intrinsically simulates a short-lived fault in the old-time media including software, video games, images, videos, audio, and other digital artifacts, resulting from bad connections and such. Yet modern technologies have now made the glitch effect present in a more eye-pleasing way, making it even a great special effect option for video creations.

Is FilmForth really free?

FilmForth is completely free of use, you can use FilmForth to add any given special effects to your videos without costing a dime, and other video editing features are free as well. What’s more, FilmForth doesn’t export videos with watermarks.

How do you make glitch effects on videos?

To get glitch effects on videos, simply launch FilmForth, import videos, then go to video editing workplace and click on Effect button. Glitch video effect is right on sight, click on it to apply it for your imported videos.

How do I get VHS effects on videos?

Just like the glitch effect, the VHS effect is also available from FilmForth video editor, you can add VHS effects to your videos in the same manner. Launch FilmForth and go to effects from the video editing screen, scroll through a bit and you’ll find VHS effect in the special effects screen.

How do I add static effects to a video?

Just like VHS effects, static effects are also available from FilmForth special effects, just go to FilmForth Effect place and add them to your videos. Have a try already and see if you like the outcome!

At last…

As you may have noticed during adding glitch special effect to videos, there are other video editing options available from the video editing screen other than adding special effects. FilmForth also allows you to trim videos, crop videos, change video playback speed, adjust video volume, add transition effects, etc. So don’t forget to try FilmForth and find out more about what it’s capable of!


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