How to Crop a Video on Android [3 Free and Easy Methods]

This page covers 3 methods to crop a video on your Android mobile phones or Android tablets. The methods are free and easy to get started.

Thursday July 28, 2022 11:17 AM PDT by Karen Greene
How to Crop a Video on Android

How to Crop a Video on Android

It’s quite common that the aspect ratio of our footage doesn’t match the specification of social media, or there are some redundant borders that we’d like to remove. In many cases, we need to crop the video on our Android mobile phone or Android tablet, and finding the correct tool will save a lot of trouble.

The options for cropping videos on your Android mobile phones grow as the video-sharing market. And there are now a plethora of options for you to customize videos in your album. In this post, you’ll find the 3 best solutions to cropping videos on Android, learn from the detailed tutorials to get started right away!

(Please note that the cropping in this post refers to resizing instead of trimming.)

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How to Crop a Video on Android Offline Using CapCut App

For most YouTubers and content creators for video sharing platforms, a video editing app is a must for making videos on Android phones. Video editing apps help to edit your videos easily, and they don’t require a stable internet connection.

The best video cropper for Android is CapCut video editor, a trusted and well-received video editing app that gained popularity for being the default video editing application for TikTok, and it allows you to crop video frames in simple steps.

It offers cropping presets to crop videos to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Aside from the video cropping feature, CapCut offers plenty of other awesome video editing features such as velocity edit, 3D zoom, video blur, add backgrounds, change backgrounds, etc.

To get started, you need the CapCut app installed. If you haven’t had it already, get it from CapCut official website.

Step 1. Import Video to CapCut

Launch CapCut on your Android phone, tap New project to create a new video editing project, then import the video you intend to crop from your device.

Launch CapCut and Create Project

Launch CapCut and Create Project

Step 2. Go to the CapCut Cropping Tool

Tap the lower Edit button to head to the edit menu, hit the Edit button, and select Crop in the Edit options. Then you’ll be led to the CapCut video cropping screen.

Go to Crop Feature in CapCut

Go to Crop Feature in CapCut

Step 3. Crop Video in CapCut

Here you can choose the Free cropping mode and manually drag and drop the cropping rectangle, or crop your video using frames of certain aspect ratios. Additionally, you can slide the middle rotating bar to rotate the imported video.

Crop Video on Android in CapCut

Crop Video on Android in CapCut

Step 4. Export Cropped Video from CapCut

When you’re done cropping, tap the check button from the lower-right side to save the changes, and tap the upper-right export button from the main workplace to export the cropped video from CapCut.

To crop your video on Android without watermarks, you can remove the CapCut watermark for free.

Export Cropped Video from CapCut App on Android

Export Cropped Video from CapCut App on Android

How to Crop a Video on Android Online with Clideo

For the handiness in editing on Android, an online video editor is certainly worth consideration.

Online video editors, also known as online video editing apps, are web-based applications that allow you to edit your video using solely a web browser, and no software installation is needed.

With one that supports working with mobile phones, you can easily edit your video on your Android phone.

Crop Video on Android Online with Clideo

Crop Video on Android Online with Clideo

Here in this tutorial, we’ll use Clideo, one of the 22 best online video editors, to crop videos on your Android device.

Step 1. Navigate to the Clideo Video Cropper, tap the Choose file button to import your video, and wait a few seconds for the uploading process.

Step 2. Drag and drop the cropping rectangle from the preview window to crop your video. You can also select to use the aspect ratio presets or the Exact size to crop your video as well.

Step 3. From the lower Format option, change the output format if needed.

Step 4. Tap Export to save and export the cropped video to your Android device, then hit Download in the subsequent Export window.

How to Crop a Video on Android without App

If you don’t like the installation of third-party applications or the use of third-party online services, there’s also an inbuilt option for you to crop videos on Android without app.

The Google Photos app that comes with your Android phone or Android tablet serves as more than an album app – it’s also an easy-to-use video cropper that most people overlooked.

Google Photos is used as the default album app on many mobile phones. Chances are that your Android device doesn’t have Google Photos, in that case, you should still manually install it from Google Play.

Crop a Video on Android Using Google Photos

Crop a Video on Android Using Google Photos

Step 1. Launch Google Photos app on your Android mobile phone.

Step 2. Go to the Library section, look for your video folder, and browse for the video you intend to crop.

Step 3. Tap to open the video, tap on the Edit option below, and slide a bit to the right side for the Crop feature.

Step 4. Drag and drop the corner of the video frame to adjust the cropping rectangle.

Step 5. When ready, hit the lower-right Save copy button to save and export the cropped video from Google Photos onto your Android smartphone.

How to Crop a Video on Android: FAQs

How do I crop a video in my gallery?

There are several different ways of cropping videos in your gallery on Android devices. The preinstalled Gallery app on certain Android devices has an inbuilt option for cropping videos; and for those that don’t, users can install a video editor app like CapCut for cropping their gallery videos.

How do you crop a video on Android without an app?

To crop a video on Android without an app, you can either use the preinstalled Gallery app or the Google Photos app. For those whose Android devices don’t offer video cropping in Gallery or Google Photos app, you can install a trusted video editor app like CapCut.

How to trim a video in Android Gallery?

To trim a video in Android Gallery, launch the Gallery app and open the video, tap Edit > Crop. Tap Aspect ratio to crop video to a certain aspect ratio, like Instagram or YouTube; Or tap Transform to change the video’s perspective.

How to crop a video on TikTok on Android?

TikTok doesn’t allow you to directly edit videos on TikTok, not within the application. You can download the TikTok video (if allowed), and then import it to CapCut for further editing.

To Sum Up

Cropping videos on Android nowadays are made much easier now. As you can see from the 3 introduced methods, they only require you to tap on your screen a few times, and the cropped video in original quality will be available for sharing in less than a minute.

Even those with zero video editing experience can easily get started as these tools are built with an intuitive interface. Once again, these apps are free to use, so don’t hesitate to try them on your own!


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