How to Make a Lyric Video on PC and Mobile [Free and Easily]

Learn from this guide on how to make an awesome lyric video on PC and mobile phones, the introduced methods are completely free and easy. So don’t forget to give it a try on your own.

Thursday June 30, 2022 5:24 PM PDT by Karen Greene

Nowadays, many videos are accompanied by a soundtrack. But if we only listen to it by ear, sometimes we can’t feel the emotion the song is trying to convey. If we can add the lyrics to the video, then the viewer can get a clearer sense of the tone and mood of the video. Especially in videos that are dedicated to recommending popular songs, attaching lyrics to the video can greatly increase the number of searches and hits for the suggested songs.

But how to create lyrics within a video? This has become a complex problem for everyone. This article is divided into four parts and will introduce you to three methods to make a lyric video in detail. Please read on for more information.

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Table of Contents

Part 1. How to Make a Lyric Video on PC for Free Using FilmForth

To get started, we’ll be using the best free lyric video maker, FilmForth. FilmForth is a piece of powerful video editing software with a simple interface, allowing you do advanced editing like transparent video overlay in simple clicks. The built-in official tutorials allow you to learn and quickly understand the logic of some editing operations anywhere and anytime. Therefore, it is very easy to create audio lyrics with the FilmForth program. All you need to do is follow these steps.

Step 1. Download FilmForth

To add lyrics to the video quickly, first, we need to get a simple video editing tool – FilmForth. You can download FilmForth directly from the official website, and you can also click the download button below to get it on your Windows computer.
microsoft download

Step 2. Add Media

Double click to open FilmForth video editing software, enter and click “New Project”. After entering the main interface, locate “Add Video/Photo Clips”, and select the clips you need to upload by mouse click to add them to the top of the timeline.

Create a New Clip in FilmForth

Create a New Clip in FilmForth

Step 3. Picture-in-Picture

Once the timeline has displayed the material we have added. We will move the mouse down and find the “Picture in Picture” button in the ribbon. You will see a new line of ribbon options pop up. Click Add Pic in Pic and select Add Video/Photo Clips to add the picture-in-picture icons. After adding, you can adjust the size and position of the icon by pulling and dropping it with the mouse. It is worth noting that you need to adjust the time of the picture-in-picture effect to the same time as the main video by moving it with a mouse click.

Add Picture-in-picture Effects in FilmForth`

Add Picture-in-picture Effects in FilmForth

Step 4. Select the Effect

To enhance the look and feel, we usually add an animation effect to the picture-in-picture. Click “Animation”, select “Emphasis” in the category on the left, and choose “Spin”. Once you have made your selection, you can adjust the rotation speed according to the audio speed and atmosphere.

Select the Effect from FilmForth

Select the Effect from FilmForth

Step 5. Add Lyrics

Once all the preparations have been made and the audio has been added, we come to the step of adding lyrics. Click on the blue arrow symbol in the bottom left corner to return to the original function screen. Click on the “Text” function option in the middle. Click on “Add Text”, and when a text axis pops up in the timeline it means you can start adding lyrics.

Adds Texts in FilmForth

Adds Texts in FilmForth

Step 6. Lyrics Setting

Double click the text box in the preview screen and a pop-up window for adding text will pop up automatically in the ribbon. You can type directly in it, or paste the lyrics by copying them from other documents. You can set the color, size, position, thickness, slant, underline, shadow, formatting, font, frame, etc. of the added lyrics in this interface, and you are even allowed to add emoticons to the lyrics if you want. One thing to note, however, is that you can only add lyrics one by one at different times. In this way, you can make sure that the lyrics are displayed one by one with the rhythm of the music when you play the video and not all together. Of course, if you want the video to look more advanced, you can add some effects to the lyrics, such as Show Fade Character, Slide Character from Right, and Wave Bounce.

Setting the Lyrics in FilmForth

Setting the Lyrics in FilmForth

Step 7. Export the Lyric Video

Finally, click the blue button – Save Video at the bottom right corner to download the video with lyrics. By setting the Video Resolution, Video Quality, Frame Rate, Audio Quality, and Sample Rate, you can know the file size of the final exported lyric video. To improve the viewer’s experience, it is recommended to uncheck the Export with a Watermark option.

Get the Lyric Video from FilmForth

Get the Lyric Video from FilmForth

Part 2. How to Make Lyric Video on Mac for Free Using iMovie

iMovie is a video editing software for Mac and iOS only. You can define themes, add music and photos, share movies, and more in iMovie. iMovie video editor is a very powerful and professional video editing tool with many practical video editing features such as mirror flipping. Here are some steps for you to easily create a lyric video that exceeds your expectation.

Step 1. Open iMovie

Double-click to open the iMovie application and select “Create New” to start adding video, audio, or picture clips.

Add Audio to iMovie

Add Audio to iMovie

Step 2. Select Titles

Drag the added audio from the Media screen to the top of the timeline with the mouse. You can adjust the width and length of the audio display. At this point, you will need to move your eyes up to the upper ribbon of the main screen and click the Select Titles button. You can place your mouse over the corresponding Title preset to preview it and see if it matches your expectations. Since lyrics often cover a large section of the text, we need to choose the kind of effect that is parallel and can be applied to add a large amount of text. For example Scrolling Credits.

Add Titles to iMovie

Add Titles to iMovie

Step 3. Customize the Lyrics Effect

Drag the selected preset Title effect image to the timeline interface by mouse. You will find that it will be shorter in length, at this point, you need to manually pull its time to the same length as the audio time. Then you can position your eyes to the top right corner and double-click on the title box to add text. You can paste text directly from elsewhere instead of typing it word by word. Above the preview window are some relevant settings. You can personalize the position, alignment, color, font, size, thickness, slant, etc. of the typed lyrics.

iMovie Custom Lyrics

iMovie Custom Lyrics

Step 4. Rendering

When you are done, you can click the Play button in the Preview window to view the final result. If the result is as expected, then you can click the Export button on the top right to enter the rendering process. Or click File > Share and choose the mode you want to download the lyric video everywhere.

Export Lyric Video from iMovie

Export Lyric Video from iMovie

Part 3. How to Make a Lyric Video for Free on Android Phone and iPhone

CapCut is a piece of feature-rich but free video editing software for users. It is mainly used on cell phones (Android and iPhone). Most people know Capcut video editor for its huge library of powerful filters and the popular velocity edit, but when you try it, you will find it very easy to create a lyric video in CapCut. And it will bring you an unexpected experience.

Step 1. Enter the CapCut Application

Touch the CapCut icon on your phone to open the software and click “New project” to select a clip to upload. You can choose to add your local clips or add CapCut’s built-in preset clips.

Step 2. Extract the Audio

Click the “Audio” button in the ribbon below to add audio. Select “Extracted” to separate and extract the music from the selected audio. Again, when you have successfully added, the audio bar will be displayed on the timeline, and you can set the playback time by pulling your finger. (Note: the audio playback time needs to be consistent with the screen playback time)

Step 3. Add Lyrics

Click the “Text” function button to add lyrics. You can choose to listen to the audio while adding the lyrics to synchronize the sound and words. Of course, a quicker way is to play the audio you’ve added and then use the “Match cut” function to add the beats for better segmentation. This will make it easier for you to quickly tell when you’re adding lyrics and when to break them. (To save time, you can copy and paste the first set of text to add directly to the top of the timeline)

Step 4. Lyric Settings

When you finish adding all the lyrics fields, you can make some personalized settings for it. For example, font, color, size, underline, style, bubble, effect, etc. You are allowed to add many text boxes at the same time in the same interface.

Make Lyric Video in CapCut

Make Lyric Video in CapCut

Step 5. Download the Lyrics Video

When all the operations are done, click the Resolution option on the top right to set the resolution and Frame Rate. Then tap the up arrow symbol to enter the download process. You only need to wait for a few seconds to get a surprisingly advanced lyric video.

Export from CapCut

Export from CapCut

Part 4. Conclusion

The above is all the content of this article enough. With some details, have you understood how to make a great lyric video with great effect easily? If you are on Windows, you can try FilmForth video editor. If you are on Mac platform, then iMovie will simplify your operation. If you want to make them anytime and anywhere, then get CapCut.


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