CapCut for Laptop: How to Install & 8 CapCut Alternatives for Windows and Mac Laptops

Learn how to use the popular CapCut app on your Windows or Mac laptop. Moreover, the 8 best CapCut alternatives in 2022 for Windows, Mac, and online will be introduced.

Wednesday July 27, 2022 5:20 PM PDT by Karen Greene
CapCut for Laptop

CapCut for Laptop

CapCut, the default video editing app for the popular video-sharing platform TikTok, is arguably the most popular video editing application in 2022. It has gathered any video editing features you can think of in one place, making it the best go-to app for content creators to express their creativity.

However, there’s a conspicuous defect about editing videos with mobile phones: the screen is relatively small and your taps and swipes aren’t always accurate. Here in this post, we’ll talk about CapCut for laptops, is CapCut available on laptops, how to use CapCut on laptops, and the 8 best CapCut laptop alternatives. Now please read on to learn more.

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Can You Get CapCut on Laptop?

The popular video editing app CapCut is a video editing application for Android and iOS mobile phones, and it’s not designed for computer operating systems on your laptop or PC. That means CapCut is unavailable on laptops – CapCut app is incompatible with, and cannot be directly installed on your HP Laptop.

That said, there is a viable workaround to install and use CapCut APK on laptops, by using an Android emulator, which simulates an Android environment on your Windows or Mac laptop, allowing you to install and use Android apps on your laptop or PC, just like on your mobile phone.

Learn from the following guide on how to use CapCut on laptops with an Android emulator.

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How to Get CapCut App on a Laptop: Step-by-step Guide

This guide elaborates on how to install and use CapCut app on a laptop, taking advantage of an Android emulator application. In this tutorial, we’ll be using BlueStacks, one of the most popular Android emulators these days. It’s free to use, and it works on both Windows and Mac laptops.

The following tutorial is demonstrated on Windows 10, and this method works for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Step 1. Download and Install BlueStacks on Laptop

Download BlueStacks from the BlueStacks download page and install it on your laptop. BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks 4 are compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10/Windows 11, and macOS.

Download BlueStacks

Download BlueStacks

Step 2. Launch BlueStacks on Your Laptop

When BlueStacks is successfully installed, launch the BlueStacks program on your PC, and wait patiently for the starting process.

Launch BlueStacks on PC

Launch BlueStacks on PC

Step 3. Go to Google Play Store from BlueStacks

In BlueStacks, go to the Library section from the upper-left side, and click on the Google Play Store icon, so you can enter and browse Google Play Store from BlueStacks.

BlueStacks Play Store

BlueStacks Play Store

Step 4. Search for and Install CapCut App

From Google Play Store, search for CapCut. From the search result, hit the Install button to the right to install CapCut app on your laptop from the BlueStacks Android emulator.

Install CapCut on BlueStacks

Install CapCut on BlueStacks

Step 5. Launch CapCut on BlueStacks on Laptop

CapCut will be installed on your laptop in a couple of minutes, and then you can launch and useCapCut from BlueStacks home screen!

Use Capcut on BlueStacks

Use Capcut on BlueStacks

3 CapCut Alternatives for Windows Laptops

If you find the emulator method troublesome, you can also try using a CapCut alternative video editor on your Windows laptop. In this part, you’ll find 3 free Windows CapCut alternative video editing programs that work on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 laptop.


FilmForth is one of the best free video editing software for Windows laptops, it’s a lightweight video editing toolkit that can be easily found and installed from the Microsoft Store. FilmForth is free, multi-functional, and watermark-free.

What makes FilmForth the best CapCut alternative is that it’s packed with tons of practical video editing features such as video transitions, video zoom effects, video special effects, making YouTube intro, and video filters, just like CapCut app.

Learn More about FilmForth

FilmForth Free Video Editor

FilmForth Free Video Editor


Wondershare Filmora is another popular video editing program that works on Windows laptops. Filmora is famous for its video template and special effect collections and the support for advanced video editing features like FX plugins, auto-sync, and speed ramping.

Filmora is easy to learn and the overall user experience is excellent. Yet a major defect about Wondershare Filmora is that Filmora has big watermarks in its output videos.

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Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor


Lightworks is one of the early-stage video editing programs and it is still being used by video editing beginners, professionals, and film productions these days.

Lightworks features a concise and intuitive user interface in which an easy-to-use timeline and multiple workplaces are offered. The real-time collaboration feature makes Lightworks an irreplaceable CapCut alternative for Windows laptops.

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Lightworks Video Editor

Lightworks Video Editor

3 CapCut Alternatives for Mac Laptops

After introducing the best Windows choices, here in this part, we’ll look at the best CapCut alternatives for Mac laptops.

In this part, you’ll find 3 free Mac CapCut alternative video editing applications that work on your macOS laptop.

The unpaid video editing options for Mac devices are limited, and we managed to find and gathered the best of them below, they are just as great as CapCut, and can help you make your next viral video on your Mac laptop with ease.


iMovie is the inbuilt video editing app for Mac laptops, Mac computers, and iPhones. It has been either omitted or underestimated by Mac users. The use of iMovie ranges from basic video editing needs like adding music to videos, adding transitions, audio removal, etc., to advanced video editing skills like fade-in or fade-out audio.

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Mac Video Editor Apple iMovie Free

Mac Video Editor Apple iMovie Free

DaVinci Resolve

If you ask what’s the best free video editing app for Mac laptops, then DaVinci Resolve is definitely a name on the table. DaVinci Resolve is one of the best video editing software for Mac, and it offers the most professional video editing features without cost.

If you’re a video editing professional looking forward to cost-effective advanced video editing features for your Mac laptop, look no further than DaVinci Resolve.

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DaVinci Resolve Video Editor

DaVinci Resolve Video Editor

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a free and useful video editing app for Mac laptops, and it fits both video editing beginners and professionals. As an intermediate video editor, HitFilm Express does have a moderate learning curve, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be impressed by the visual effects you can achieve with this free tool, such as 3D effect, masking tool, video effects – which is a bit of like CapCut!

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HitFilm Express Video Editor

HitFilm Express Video Editor

2 CapCut Alternatives Online Video Editing Apps

Running a non-Windows or non-Mac laptop, or seeking an online CapCut alternative? We’ve got your back. In this part, you’ll find two great online video editors like CapCut.

Generally, online video editing apps work for all mainstream operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. No software installation is required, all you need is your laptop connected to the internet.


Clipchamp is a popular free video editing web app that runs in a web browser, it offers its video editing features for free, but online storage and stocks at a price. You can easily merge videos, trim videos, cut clips, add music to videos, add text to videos, etc.

A common downside of online video editors is that sometimes they may get glitchy. Yet during the testing process, Clipchamp turned out to be running smoothly. So you should give it a try.

Clipchamp Video Editor

Clipchamp Video Editor

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express, formerly Adobe Spark, is a web and mobile app developed by Adobe for users to edit and create their videos online for free, there’s no need to download or install any software.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is easy to use and it offers a good many well-designed video editing templates for video editing beginners to easily make video content just as professionals do.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

CapCut for Laptop: FAQs

Is there a CapCut for laptop APK?

No, there is no CapCut for laptop APK available, since the APK file format doesn’t work with PC operating systems. However, there’s a CapCut version for PC and laptops recently released in the Chinese market, it’s called CapCut Pro which you can find on CapCut Pro official website.

How to install CapCut on laptops without a BlueStacks emulator?

There are two ways to install CapCut on laptops without BlueStacks: one is installing the CapCut Pro app from the official website (, and another is installing a received CapCut alternative on your laptop.

Can I use CapCut on a laptop?

You can’t directly use CapCut APK on laptops since it’s incompatible with computer operating systems. However, with the use of an Android emulator, you get to download and use the CapCut app on your laptop.

What’s the Best CapCut Alternative for Laptop?

The best CapCut alternative overall is FilmForth. FilmForth is a video editing app for Windows laptops, it’s free to use, multi-functional, and watermark-free. It helps with creative ideas as with CapCut. Additionally, you can find our more great options in this post.

Where to download the CapCut MOD for my laptop?

It’s not recommended to download and install any CapCut MODs as they are unapproved versions containing potential security risks. Always stick to the official CapCut app, or the recommended CapCut alternative in this post.


That’ll be all about how to use the awesome video editing app CapCut on your laptop! So you can make awesome content with your mobile phone and your laptop on the go. Since we’re already here, I believe you’ve found the method that fits your preference, using CapCut from the BlueStacks Android emulator, or opting for a CapCut alternative for a laptop.

When you’re decision is made, don’t forget to give the preferred method a try!


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